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  1. in your mind how many floating military hospitals would he need to launch to appear ready? how many more field hospitals that never saw patients needed to be set up? was calling in all the national army reserves not enough preparedness for you? was 3 hospital ships and an entire air craft carrier converted to a hospital not enough? where were all the canadian air craft carriers during this pandemic?
  2. who would win in a fight between deplorables vs yahoos the answer just might surprise you
  3. it's much much bigger than just pronouns in Canada it is currently illegal to tell the truth if said truth can be interpreted as offensive
  4. tell the "news" the wrong way and they will Don Cherry your job
  5. this is exactly why modern social media is designed the way it is. Every echo chamber is kept separated and this is the best description of what the current social media buzzword social tracing is all about. They are not interested in stopping the spread of virus so much as they are more concerned with ideas/wrong-think spreading. Maximize the idea of "other" is dehumanization propaganda 101. Something has the elites some spooked right now?
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