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  1. That's always a legitimate argument and also one that I'm sure will never have a definitive answer. Imo it could possibly be an argument for minor crimes but as far as homicides go lawyers don't seem to make all that much difference.
  2. Sweetheart haha why I'm not surprised. Elaborate on disproportionately. Also what colour of skin to many of the police doing the shootings have?
  3. Oh boy what a burn. Lol One minute I'm an over paid rig pig that doesn't deserve the big money next I have no job. Lol Actually you just said the other day you don't work.
  4. No the only embarrassing thing here is you. Use stats not emotions. Again your response is just nonsense because you can't dispute the facts. Awe name calling how cute. I won't do the same I don't want you to have to head to your safe space. Rather than you getting emotional why don't you dispute the facts? Otherwise you look .. oh wait I said I wouldn't do it.
  5. I actually don't really care about US politicians. I'm not saying you shouldn't as your second home is essentially a US overseas colony. You are all over the map, champ. Hopefully those restaurants open up soon.
  6. Did you just call someone stupid? That is hilarious coming from you. You know why contributing, educated people don't take you serious? It's because you run off emotion not facts.
  7. You do you, you do it well, congratulations. Again what you said is a lie. I think people like you, rupe, destroyer, Mattrek and a couple others are far left extremists. I also think you guys badly contradict yourself.
  8. No as usual you're wrong that has nothing to do with what I said.
  9. Sleep just fine I don't have my parents upstairs making noise so I sleep well. You are like Rupe, America, America, America, no wonder you loved your time in Saudia Arabia they are pretty much a US vassal state.
  10. Try reading the thread. Maybe get an adult to read it to you. Btw I back everything up just like I did in the Trump thread just guys like Rupe says I never said that, bam old post here it is, yes you did. You guys and your hypocrisy make it so easy. Go back and look what so many said about Hillary to what they now say. It's laughable.
  11. No not at all. I always thought you were playing dumb..I was wrong about that.
  12. Your parents must be really proud of you. Pitching a fit? Is that a term u learned in Arabia?
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