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  1. Thanks. However what if covid19 is the new norm?
  2. I'm not but thanks. Again no answer just a I have no answer response.
  3. The people that can't answer a simple question are so obvious.
  4. Funny but serious question how come we never social distanced, dressed up silly and acted silly for the flu? I mean if the point is not to infect others and cause deaths why didn't we?
  5. @Me_ you appear to be easily confused.
  6. I guarantee I'll be fine. Here's the thing, how many were near death? You should read some of the studies coming out. The mortality rate is very low and the sheep buy it hook, line and sinker.
  7. Probably just continue life as it is. The mortality rate is very low. BC's recent studies were very telling.
  8. Seriously? I'm out and about every day. Work, leisure, travel, etc. Never wear a mask or gloves.
  9. The annoying part is these people will double down on their hogwash. Total sheep.
  10. The mayor of Toronto is a hypocrite. Mayor apologizes for own behaviour at Trinity Bellwoods, after city cracked down on 'dangerous' crowds Trinity Bellwoods Park was much quieter Sunday, after officials in Toronto increased enforcement and condemned the "selfish and dangerous" behaviour of people who flooded the downtown park on Saturday, saying it could cause a spike in COVID-19 cases and undo weeks of collective effort. Meanwhile, Toronto Mayor John Tory is apologizing for his own failure to properly wear a mask and physically distance while at the park, saying he went
  11. Agreed..some more than others. Anyhow I'm off don't let me ruin your day. Ttyl.
  12. I won't keep anything going but to my knowledge bringing up professions don't violate board rules, especially professions 100% funded by the tax payer. I believe it was him that called me a clown which does violate board rules. Anyhow I'm good with staying on topic. Cheers.
  13. And you're a teacher? I feel bad for your students. Why did you block me because I correct you on your tolko claims. Maybe when the BC government pays their teachers so low they are judging it on people like you.
  14. Thanks for giving me an out, truth is I blamed on lazy Sunday but in reality it's way, way over my head.
  15. Absolutely I agree. I'm stunned that she would make that claim.
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