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  1. I never realized it was against CDC rules to makes comments about whether a player is good looking or not..

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    2. Bertuzzi Babe

      Bertuzzi Babe

      Well, Bure who? Maybe some of us members here just had a little more couth than others.

      I♥Wellwood - I've seen it enforced well before the last 18 months. :)

    3. I♥Wellwood


      Raffi Torres ? What ? I have no idea what you're referring to... =|

      I'll trust you on that BB ! You've been around CDC much longer than I have. It was just a shock to me considering the old Sean Avery thread lol



      Why do you think there are so few females on CDC? They come here, realize they aren't allowed to talk about the subject that takes up 80% of their vocabulary, so they leave

  2. I noticed a spelling error !

    your not you're :)

  3. i see you've finally come back :o

  4. I shall not make any more mistakes :)

    I will spell check this a billion times !

  5. I told you already ! I dont really have favourites :) Just flip on a game and watch. Although I've been watching less football ! I think I only caught 1 1/2 games last season aside from the superbowl !

    I dont care about his looks ! Just his skill and personality :)

  6. I was at 6 this morning ! I've been at 6 for a loooong time. Then maritz and VI put me down to 3 :(

  7. i was kidding. i've seen the picture before, there's one of him running on a beach somewhere too ! i thought you were a girl at first... you know, with all the love for ohlund :)

  8. I went to disneyland near christmas time but i missed the parade :( it sorta sucked and i didnt even catch a ducks or kings game ! I plan to do that next year though :)

  9. I'm extremely proud !

  10. I've always wanted to go to sunday school :(

  11. i've been to church :o

  12. i've never worn them either :)

  13. I♥Wellwood

    02 Jan 2010 - 13:42

    Sorry but I found it so funny that you're username is after schneider and you're a manitoba moose star... and he finally got placed in manitoba... sorry, i giggled at that for a long time and i had to say it :)

    Aaaand now it says it in your sig ! I laughed :)

  14. If I was white, I'd be whiter than you !

    If that makes any sense :)

  15. im a nerd myself so it works :)

  16. im not in a happy mood :(

    is that even believable ?

  17. im not lying !

  18. im not white :)

    yeah, i'm totally that. Some sort of mixed freak :o

    kidding :) im not a mix of anything ! you still didnt realize your mistake :)

  19. im pretty good, but all this studying is brutal. I cant wait until this semester is over. how about you ?

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