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  1. One thing you appreciate about Highmore is his work ethic and attention to detail,” Colliton said. “It’s hard to find a bigger team guy with his willingness to do the right thing for the team at all times.... Hopefully he can use this to get a little boost and new opportunity.”
  2. I like what Person brings. Since joining Vancouver he had been a productive scorer, physical presence, and a has played 2nd line minutes. Lol @ all the hate here. At 28, he will be in his prime throughout these three years. He is a quality player. The contract is not as outrageous as the drama queens will have you believe.
  3. Only no movement clauses prevent expansion selection. Not no trade.
  4. someone please photoshop an orca in place of the plane. lol
  5. The plan the way I see it: 1. add blue chip prospects via draft 2. Insulate and mentor prospects as they mature their game with veteran UFA 3. Profit.
  6. I remember his dad Craig was a pretty stout defensive defenseman who also played briefly for the Leafs. Can we justify the claim now?
  7. This says to me that one of the current injuries is going to be long term.
  8. I liked him with the Rangers. Was a non factor with the Sabers and Laffs. Maybe he can get back on track if he accepts that he is best suited to a bottom 6 role.
  9. Guys I would move if there was a market: Sutter, Benn, Edler, Virtanen, Roster, Beagle. I resign: Hamonic and Pearson Keep LE for the lollololololols
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