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  1. Canopy up another ~4% today. Crazy. I'm holding long for a few more years at least, but this is crazy entertaining.
  2. I will be holding Northland power for the foreseeable future, but I have recently read some cautionary articles lately regarding their project long-term agreements. Other good options might be Algonquin Power and Brookfield Renewables.
  3. I read about them in a few articles, and have added them to my Watchlist, but I don't have the capital or the time to read about them right now. While their business and goal is right up my alley, I just can't pull the trigger either. Have you read about any of their pro/cons or future outlook? I was at one point or another invested in all three, but I narrowed it down to just Northland Power, as I appreciate their monthly dividend that is well covered by their cash flow, and they seem to be having some good international growth on the way. Innergex seemed like another good choice, but Transalta Renewables seems to be toiling in the basement for awhile.
  4. I am interested to hear which companies are focusing on using the hemp as well for other manufacturing. Have any of the big marijuana companies expressed any interest in this? I've also heard of a company called Micron Waste Technologies. It is a small cap company, but focusing on using organic methods to break down waste, and has apparently brought forth a technique to break down cannabis waste to Aurora. Does anyone have any insight on this company? I haven't had a chance to do any reading myself, but if they have some sort of IP this could be a valuable company in future!
  5. Major positions in Canopy, Aurora and Aphria, and a minor position in Delta9 (local Winnipeg company). Tempting not to cash in when you see >100% profits in some positions, but I think all those companies will see some major growth. I don't see how some people are cashing out before we even get the first revenues generated. Canada is only the 1st (or rather 2nd) milestone, as the world will slowly progress to more commercialization of marijuana!
  6. I'll be holding my marijuana stocks longer. Still room to grow.
  7. This reminds me of their segment where they are highlighting how poor people weren't actually poor because they had luxuries like a fridge, microwave, etc.
  8. Because it is an Infinity Gonetlet, not an Infinity Creatlet.
  9. Wonder if this would negatively affect a bank like BNS, that has heavily invested in Latin America.
  10. So does Ant Man movie occur during Infinity war or just before? Will we suddenly see Wasp disintegrate at the end of the movie?
  11. Avengers movies are the one type of movies where I would tolerate a 5hr movie, with a 30min intermission.
  12. Sounds like a tumble is expected tomorrow with reciprocal tariffs out of China. Goodbye profits.
  13. Anyone know of some good YT videos for kettle bell workouts you can follow along with? Looking to start working out with them at home, hoping to start with 20-30min routines.
  14. Wish they would ban 24hr news stations. Probably one of the worst things to happen to media and television overall.
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