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  1. The main thing I'm getting at is we need something different. I don't care who the wingers are, but lets get some changes.
  2. I would Honestly try something else to bring in more depth. Something we haven't tried is giving Miller his own line. Gaudette-Petey-Boeser Motte-Horvat-Hoglander Pearson-Miller-Virtanen whatever for the 4th line We also need a trade for D. Theres no fixing that without bringing an adequate Tanev replacement in.
  3. Market is a mess right now.. lots of red. Did anyone make out with profits with GME yesterday?
  4. Where do you guys find the stocks to day trade? I've been investing for a while and did a bit of trading back in April-July, but most of it is from word of mouth. How do I find my own stocks (which websites, books to use, etc)?
  5. Vatanen over Hamonic at this stage of their careers and it isn't even close. Vatanen was arguably NJD best D last season. His only real flaw is he can't seem to stay healthy, but neither can Hamonic. I think he would be great at making the first pass out of the zone and is a solid skater. Hughes-schmidt Edler-Vatanen Juolevi-Myers I think this would be the most likely combination if we were to sign him. We would be very mobile on D and it would allow for more offensive zone time for our forwards.
  6. Quick question for you guys. How are you guys planning on getting ABNB? Is there a way we can get it right when it opens up for the IPO (such that the price isn't already dramatically raised)? I have never attempted to buy a shares at IPO yet but am likely going to buy ABNB when it does go public. If it helps, I use Questrade. Thanks to all that reply!
  7. PS3 man, hope to play with you soon.

  8. Hemsky will have a season ending injury in the first game:P , and Eberle will be the top center
  9. Great video man! Your famous!

  10. Where are you gone!?!?!

  11. Your back! why did you leave?

  12. Wheres clutch in your negative fan list?? He sould be number 1!


  14. HAHAHA, I love your borrows facebook page,that is amazing. great job!

  15. My rep went from +6 to -4 in a thread i made...it was who has the best and worst rep on CDC. And i got alot of minuses.:(

  16. I haven't play'n hockey for 5 months. When I see my freinds and my brother and cousin's play i want to just get up and get a hockey stick, but I can't...:(

  17. the doctor said using the computer/plahying video games and stuff like that will get my arm better because my muscle will strengthen up by using my arm.

  18. lol, i was in alberta andm then went to florida and then i was in the hospital for a while because a broke my arm very seriously. It's been broken for 5months and still hasn't healed. So I couldn't type so now they took of myh cast(arm still broken) and I started typin and getting my arm strong again. I still have a little crack/chip in it but it'll heal within the next month hopefully.

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