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  1. So excited that we got him. Washington did not want him to be taken in the expansion as they were hoping Vegas took Grubauer. He's a legitimate #2 that can play #1 minutes in spurts. Will help Edler a ton in transition while being a great defensive player. I would imagine our D looks something like this for next season: Edler-Schmidt Hughes-Myers Juolevi-Rafferty Benn, x I could see Benning trying to get another RHD and another winger for Horvat.
  2. I would do it in a heartbeat. Would basically be Sutter for Toffoli/Tanev..
  3. I would consider taking him here if we get rid of Sutter this off season. Strong defensively, could help ease Gaudette into that 3rd line role and would come fairly cheap. Wouldn't hurt as a 1 year deal.
  4. Its kind of scary how close the SHLL pattern follows VTIQ. Both went to the moon once they broke ~$18, and then couldn't break $35. Expecting it to go down into the mid $20's again. FYI, I had a stop limit set to $30, made 100% profit.
  5. I'm expecting a pullback on Monday. Going to wake up early and potentially sell off some more. Let's hope next week goes a lot better than this week.
  6. Merger isn't until the fall so you have time. There will be lots of ups and downs, just like with NKLA. I also sold off my DKNG this morning. Too much risk attached to it for not enough reward. Happy with my profits. Might jump back in if it drops under $32 and/or the sports world continues.
  7. Pulled out 1/3 of my SHLL. Will add more shares if it drops back down but I'm playing this one safe to maximize my returns.
  8. I was wondering if you guys have any alternatives to thinkorswim for the tools they have?
  9. I have huge FOMO right now on break at work. Set a buy limit for $46 before I left and now it's at $91 in after hours...
  10. I think CCL hits 30 by the end of the week.
  11. Back up to $5.47 with another stop. I sold at $10.17 and I'm still stressed lol. Looking to buy back in soon if it rebounds.
  12. It's already moving back up again. I just paid off a half a year of my PharmD because of this stock in 2 days. Looking to constantly pull what I don't want to lose and keep playing with some profits. Also, DKNG, PENN and GAN look like they could be a good buy for tomorrow. The NBA votes If it's season continues tomorrow. Bought them all in the teens and I could see them still going up as sports begin to come back.
  13. Be happy you didn't. Bought back in at $3.33 with my profits and now it's at $4.17 in after hours... This thing won't stop.
  14. Sold off at 37.43. will probably buy back in during the next dip.
  15. Bought in at $2.54, sold at $3.50. Easiest money I've made in one day so far.