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  1. Missed the last game but will be on board for this one. C'mon boys let's put out the Flames!!!
  2. Seems like Drai and McD were out there for 75% of the period. Hopefully they slow down as the game goes on.
  3. Rather be the underdog then the favorite going into this season. All that matters are W's. Go Canucks Go!!!!
  4. I was going to Louie face upvote this as thats the face I make when i do the exact same thing!
  5. Bud or buddah, mainly bud. There ya go buddy!
  6. Thanks @debluvscanucks for the write up. Excited to be back talking hockey with everyone. Hope you all have had a safe and happy holidays. Go Canucks Go!!
  7. FINALLY!!! So stoked to have hockey back. Training camp roster copied from Deb in the Return to Play thread.
  8. I don't understand all the doom and panic. I'd say the teams that look to have improved in the Canadian division are the bottom dwellers where there's no real place to go but up. Everyone has more or less remained similarly competitive except maybe for Calgary. At this point it's anybody's guess how it'll shake out, and its fun to talk about. The same people crying we'll be crap this year are the same people who said we'd be crap last year, and we know how that turned out. I believe the kids will take another step and that will push us near the top of the division. There's been hype for Calgary/Edmonton/Toronto for years and our group has already had more playoff success than them. Wonder why we have all the "expensive" vets? Exactly why Calgary/Edmonton/Toronto did so this off season. They saw the rewards our young guns reaped off of it and are trying to do the same. Oh and Ottawa looked towards the Canucks as a rebuild model. The same team some people have said are doing their rebuild right and we did ours wrong. lols. Can't wait for another season of "surprise" when we put the league on notice again.
  9. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays CDC fam! Thank you for making my Canucks obsession feel normal
  10. This gave me chills! Always loved Lappy. He seemed to always step up, play any roll we needed from him, exceed expectations and celebrate every goal like his last. Enjoy your retirement Max, thank you for the great memories!!
  11. Marie Hui > Mark Donnelly. He was great in the beginning but his schtick got old quick and imo Marie's version is more timeless/classic, plus she's more versatile. I was happy with him coming in for Game 1's of playoffs or big home games. Oh well, make your bed and lay in it.