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  1. Was hoping we'd get to see him at the end of the season along with all the other call ups. Beyond Petey, Horvat, Miller, it's going to be hard to fill the 3C/4C role internally unless management feel comfortable with Lind playing centre moving forward or they want a veteran/proven player in that role, which makes sense if we're trying to be competitive. Only downside is Abbotsford lost their potential 1C for the season. Be interesting to hear how this decision came about, especially from Ryan Johnson.
  2. One of the better interviews I've heard in a while, honest and smart guy. Thought 20min was a long listen but it flew by, definitely worth a listen. @Junkyard Dog
  3. oh totally agree. It makes no sense from the Flyers stand point to sell low, but if they are looking to move on from him it's worth kicking tires on. We absolutely do not need to move on from OJ and imo we're better off with OJ than with Patrick
  4. Great post ON. I also feel like a lot of people are sleeping on OJ. His progression was noticeable before Covid shut the team down. You can see him getting more comfortable in the dzone and break up plays by himself all over the ice at times. Plus he has great outlet passes, amazing stretch passes and was getting more physical. Having OJ & Rathbone on the team solidifies the leftside for the decade. OJ at a cost effective cap while adjusting to take over for Edler is more valuable to the team than a project 3C in Patrick. Only way I trade OJ+ is if it's for a RHD to pair with Hughes
  5. Centre or Dman for me. Either will help bolster the prospect pool with our glut of wingers already. But of course, BPA if that player is a winger. Hard to wait 2 months for the draft but I guess that's what playoffs and sunshine is for. Full trust in JB that we're going to get a player that will have an impact on the roster down the road. Reading up on the draft, there may not be any generational talents but sounds like a lot of solid players in the top 10/15.
  6. Great read. Sounds like we should get good/great players with our first 2 picks. Thanks for posting, Jimmy.
  7. At this point, I'm just enjoying all the hand wringing the JB hater's are doing. Almost like the team is doomed to toil like the Oilers, who just got swept by the Jets (and we have more playoff wins/success than already). Another poster mentioned that yes JB hasn't been great but he also hasn't been terrible. He's been just "good" which is on the money. I'm happy that they are staying the course as the effect of stability isn't tangible. Colorado gets brought up a lot as a comparison and I think it's a good one. The one year they wanted Sakic gone because he "waited too long
  8. With the crap season covid has dealt us, we are definitely deserving of a top 2 pick. Karma works both ways right?
  9. As someone who know's very little of the prospects I hope they stick to BPA and hopefully that player is a Defenceman we can partner with Hughes for the next decade.
  10. Welcome back bud. Happy to have the furry, cat eating alien around again. Cheers.
  11. Hard to say we didn't see this coming but what a bummer for Utica. They've been such an awesome fanbase that I dread what ours will do with our minor team now in the backyard. Hopefully it leads to more progression from prospects. Thank you Utica for the wonderful years being our affiliate, THE Best AHL fans.
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