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  1. Really rooting for this guy. He could be exactly what we need in the D core moving forward. Hopefully he can rekindle his game as my hopes for OJ have moved to Juulsen. Man, if he gets back to that 2-way, tough game he plays he might end up beside Hughes. I got high hopes but it's fun to dream.
  2. Pretty happy with the boys tonight. They stuck with it and stole a point. Kimikko looked good and has better hands than expected. OEL breaking the ice. Played physical and good defensively. Hogz looking like he belongs in the top 6. Poolman calm and cool, plus he's huge. Myers throwing his weight around all game and played well defensively. The Keith hit is one for the history books. Hughes & Petey look stronger, great play by both of them on the goal. Petey dangling the whole Oilers team was a thing of beauty. Excited to see more of that this season. Horvat was his usual self, he was hard to knock off the puck all night. Burroughs had a solid game. Kept it simple and played well defensively. Same can be said for Dickenson. Thought Miller and Pearson were average. Feel like Miller needs to simplify his game and Pearson should play on the 3rd with Dickenson. Chiasson, I don't get Green's liking to the guy. He seems much a do about nothing yet he's getting top 6 and 1st unit pp time. Demko had a good game. Made the saves when he needed to and looks like he has a higher level he can play at yet. Podz didn't play enough to really get a feel for his game. Once he's up to speed, he could tip things in our favor in these games. Our depth got put to the test in game 1 and showed well. Exciting game and almost stole the win with tons of chances to do so. Still have to tighten up the special teams and the line up definitely needs tinkering.
  3. Did a little digging in the kid and liking his potential. He got hit with a puck to the face which slowed his NHL start. Got waived by Montreal to get back up to game speed but got claimed by Florida who stashed him in the press box most of the season. Having only played 22 games in 2 seasons while trying to come back from an eye injury. Sounds like he just needs to play and continue his development. Since he's cleared waivers he's finally going to get that playing time. Could be a real boon if he can get back to how he showed pre-injury. Hopefully the local kid can put it together and make an impact for the big club.
  4. Bummer. Still had hopes he would make his way on to the team or at lease rotate between him and Rathbone for the 3rd LHD spot. All the best, OJ. It didn't work out here but I believe you'll be an everyday NHL'r. Our defensive prospect pool is even thinner now. Hopefully the return is a team need and not a late pick.
  5. I wonder if they plan on developing him as a C or W. Seems like we move a lot of players to the wing but with our lack of center depth maybe they try him down the middle. Regardless, super excited he'll be on the baby nucks!
  6. Meh. Mean nothing game. Our regulars in the line up look good and in game shape. This game so far has made me more excited for the season
  7. This is what i think TG will have for opening night. I'd swap Pearson and Hogs to get a legit 2nd scoring line and the 3rd can get shut down duties (though to your point, TG will probably keep Pearson and Horvat together). I'd put Gadjovich in for Highmore. Though we haven't seen a lot of Highmore so far and iirc he does kill penalties. the 3rd pair on defence really intrigues me. I do think OJ is in over Rathbone but who fills the 3rd RHD spot. I liked Bowey's game last night, more mobile than Schenn, brings toughness as well but is a question mark defensively. Had the nice play setting up a goal after skating around the net and was used on the PK for a couple shifts. I'd have him over Hunt to see if he can take that next step and be an everyday NHL player on the bottom pair but that's unlikely. That being said, will the play with the idea of an OJ - Rathbone bottom pair? Most likely not but it's an interesting take none the less. I'd pass on Burroughs just because hearing his name in game is weird lol
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