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  1. So he's actually slightly below average then.....and since when is below average considered good?
  2. Ross Johnston for the NYI is tougher than Wilson. Matt Martin and Johnston are a pretty formidable one/two punch (pardon the pun), and along with the guys you mentioned, could provide Zack with some interesting nights out East.
  3. Someone else said that Bailey is tougher, and he's definitely NOT. Now you're saying that he's stronger? Gadjovich is built like a tank and there's a reason why guys can't move him from the front of the net. No way Bailey is stronger than Gadjovich.
  4. Bailey is big and fast, but he's faaaaaaaaaaaaaar from tough.
  5. You do? Ummmmm, wouldn't you need to add an S as well? Probably shouldn't be calling someone else a dumbass, if you can't even get all of the correct letters together to spell the word properly yourself. And I HATE the Leafs, just thought your reply was pretty humorous.
  6. I'm not taking offense at all, I like a good debate, especially about something that I'm invested in because of how much I like it = tough hockey. I never said that you said he was a spot picker. What I said was that if you're avoiding someone, then you're pretty much spot picking. Because to me, the two go hand in hand (or fist in fist). I could see you saying Gino avoided Brown If he didn't fight him 5 times and only went after Buchberger, but he fought both guys 5 times. Same thing with McSorely and Jay Miller. I could see you saying that Gino avoided McSorely if he only fought Miller and left McSorely alone, but he didn't. Sorry, I just think it's a bit of an insult to a warrior like Gino who regularly dropped the gloves, to say he avoided guys, especially when he fought the same guys you think he was avoiding several times. There's so many reasons why guys will fight each other a lot. To be honest, sometimes it's just because the fans are wanting and expecting it, and to put on a show. Sometimes it's because guys just HATE each other. I remember back in the late 80/early 90's and the Canucks drafted two tough guys out of the OHL - Rob Sangster and Jim Revenberg. I believe it was Pat Quinn that said he had to put those two guys on the same team for the intra squad games (when fighting in intra squad games happened regularly), because they just fought each other every time they saw/played each other. They didn't even need a reason, they just fought. Garent Hunt of the Vancouver Giants fought this kid named James McEwan of the Kelowna Rockets pretty much every single time they played each other. Between the W and the minors, they've probably fought each other 10-15 times (just a guess). And you'd see that kind of thing pretty regularly. I believe that Dave Brown and Bob Probert only fought each other once during their whole careers, and they both had long careers and played in the same era. So who was avoiding who? Was Brown avoiding Probert, or vice versa? There's LOTS of reasons why guys will and won't fight each other, but when you get to that level, fear is rarely one of the reasons why they won't.
  7. What are you talking about spinning my wheels? You listed off a bunch of guys that I had already listed, and that was only after it took you days to figure out what the original post was about. All I said was that when you fight a guy 5 times, it's hard to call that avoidance. Avoidance to guys like that = being a spot picker, and I don't think anyone with that kind of fight card can be considered a spot picker. You originally mentioned 3 top guys - Probert, Brown and Twist. Gino fought those 3 guys a combined 8 times. The you mentioned some other top 10 guys like Grimson and McSorely, and he fought those two a combined 8 times. I've never seen an article or an interview where Gino said that he avoided guys. If you can provide a link to one, then I'm more than happy to read it. You don't have to tell me what the hockey was like back then, as I followed it very closely. And when your favorite "player" was Dave Brown like mine was, it should go without saying that that part of the game was something that was watched even more closely. No idea what you're babbling on about in regards to Baumgartner. What in the hell does him having dual citizenship have to do with this discussion? What I do know, is that you've proved again that your memory is a little suspect. Because Baumgartner never had his way with the entire pre-nhl circuit. He literally played parts of 3 seasons in the A (for a total of one complete season).....not to mention that him and Gaetz didn't even play in the same league anyways, as Gaetz was in the I and Baumgartner was in the A. So how in the hell can a guy have his way "with the entire pre-NHL circuit", including guys like Gaetz, when he only played in one of the leagues for a total of one season and they were in two totally different leagues? By the way, panties aren't bunched up at all - commando, it's all about going commando homie.
  8. Of course I watched Gino play, did you? Because saying he avoided the heavyweights of that era just isn't true. How can he avoid a guy, when he fights him 5 times? No he didn't fight Probert, but he fought Brown 5 times and Twist 3 times. He fought Grimson and McSorley 4 times. Those guys were ALL top 10 guys at that time, so you can do the math. But it doesn't exactly scream avoidance to me. You bring up that he fought Brown when he was establishing himself, who cares? He still fought him. And if he was avoiding him, then he wouldn't have done that, especially when he got his ass kicked in the first couple. If he had fought Probert when Probert was over the hill, then you'd be bringing that up as an excuse that he fought him, but he wasn't in his prime. I had already mentioned almost all of those guys before you did, as saying they belong on this list. But I'd put Gino ahead of Baumgartner and Berube. If he'd played longer Link Gaetz would've been on that list too, and Gino fought him at least twice that I know of during Gaetz's short career. I think we just have a differing opinion on what avoidance is. Because to me, fighting a guy 5 times isn't avoiding him.
  9. Fought more? This is the NHL, not the LNAH. Gino had more than 125 fights just as a Canuck. He fought Debrusk 5 times just like he fought Brown 5 times. He also fought McSorley 4 times, who was a pretty feared heavyweight. A lot of heavys did avoid those guys, but Gino wasn't one of them.
  10. He wasn't like what? You said that Gino avoided Brown and Twist, and he had multiple fights against both. So I don't get how you can avoid a guy but still fight them multiple times. I agree that there are other guys to consider, and I already mentioned earlier all of the guys you're bringing up now.
  11. I had mentioned Wilson earlier, along with McCarthy and several other guys I thought could be included, especially at the expense of Reeves and Tiger. Wilson was legit.
  12. How do you avoid those guys, but still fight them? He fought Brown 4 or 5 times in one season as a rookie. Not sure how you can call that avoiding a guy? Gino also did much better in those last couple of fights. It's pretty normal for a rookie to lose to the top guys their first few fights. I wouldn't call Gino a spot picker like Bieksa was, especially with some of the killers he had on his card, but he definitely was a bully and fought quite a few guys below is level.
  13. Dude, I think you better go looking for those fight videos, because your memory isn't as accurate as you think. Gino never avoided Brown or Twist. Big Dave was my favorite guy, and I remember him and Gino going at it 4 or 5 times all within a year or so when Brown was still in his prime. Brown worked Gino pretty good in the first couple, but Gino was fearless and kept trying until the last couple of fights were much closer. He also fought Twist more than once. I don't remember if he fought him when Twist was with the Blues, when he had really made a name for himself, but he definitely did when Twist was in Quebec.
  14. Stan Johnathan was also a killer for a little guy. Wendel Clark was a guy that was crazy tough for his size. Curt Fraser was also a guy who wasn't the biggest, but was a guy that most guys didn't want to mess with.
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