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  1. I just came here to post this. In the past all we knew of the conflict was what we were told and shown by those who had their own agendas. Unfortunately that narrative is still prevalent amongst the western world but the prominence of social media has given us a much clearer picture of what is really happening there. The court of public opinion is rapidly changing. Well, maybe not rapidly, but it's changing. That being said it may be tough to convice the alt right of anything other than brown man bad but the rest of us are watching with our eyes and ears open.
  2. You think the police should be the judge, jury, and executioner? You don't see a problem with this?
  3. And Jesus said..."shut up libtard or I'll beat you up with my huge internet muscles", lol
  4. Come on libtards, it's time for the old circle jerk. Nux is back and he's packing more bigotry and YouTube videos. Its cool though because "it" can do whatever it wants in the bedroom. Just don't let "it" marry, join the military, use a public bathroom, raise kids, or speak. You know, basically live life. At least you used your big boy words this time instead of some terribly edited video. No need to assume what kind of person you are anymore.
  5. Irgun wasn't dismantled, it was absorbed into the Israeli military. It also led to the formation of Lehi, another self admitted terrorist organization. Lehi was also absorbed by the Israeli military and the leadership of the Irgun and the Lehi are at the roots of the current Likud party. By your logic, Hamas would merely have to change its name to be forgiven for it's terrorist roots.
  6. I frequent the Trump thread and reddit, I've seen it all. Not one single conspiracy has come to fruition. Nadda, zip, zilch. We all have a choice in what we believe. We also have a responsibility to verify the sources that help us form our beliefs. This nut baggery you speak of is absolute nonsense.
  7. 6 adults in my immediate family are booked for their second dose this month and all of the little ones got their first. Things are really looking up at this point. Any idea what's happening with the under 12 vaccinations? I know you have your finger on the pulse of things so I figured I'd ask.
  8. Lol, you can't be serious? The only pedophiles found in politics recently just happened to be some of the loudest Trump supporting Republicans ala pizzagaetz. Not to mention Trump himself who is named in a lawsuit with Epstein for raping a 13 year old girl. So far Q's batting average is 0.00. That's right, not one single thing they've predicted has come true, at least where the democrats are concerned, and yet you got sucked in hook line and sinker. It would be very embarrassing if it wasn't so damn sad.
  9. This message was brought to you from the creator of pizzagate. Is there anything these morons won't believe? Lol, brought to you from the creator of pizzagate.
  10. Is Colbumians a typo or is that what they call us back east?
  11. The Innocence Files on Netflix is an outstanding documentary about the Innocence Project and I believe the first episode is about bite mark evidence basically being pseudo science at best. Of couse, the nations leading bite mark investigator had a great deal of difficulty admitting he was wrong despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Disturbing news when you consider how many people have been convicted on bite mark evidence alone.
  12. And if recommendations change, recognize that that is the natural progression of things, not some grand frigging conspiracy .
  13. By a "new" member nonetheless, who subscribes to the eff you, I got mine mentality.
  14. What if I just got something in both of my eyes?
  15. Has anyone read The Handmaid's Tale? The series is quite good but I haven't read the book to comment on that aspect.
  16. It's arguably as harmful and addictive as any illicit drug. I listen to country music pretty regularly and alcohol references are made in almost every song. My kids point it out all the damn time.
  17. There is a big difference between the cost of locally growing weed vs the smuggling of illicit drugs. The government will have a huge advantage in this scenario
  18. What boggles the mind is that in reality the democratic party platform would benefit most of these rubes far more than the current republican one. Instead they have them convinced that that the democrats are coming for their guns and fetuses, POC are coming for their neighborhoods, trangendered people are coming for their children in public washrooms and an advantage in sports, and scientists are coming for their religion. While their base is frothing at the mouth fighting these invisible boogeymen they pass legislation that only benefits the ultra rich at the expense of middle and lower incom
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