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  1. A buddy of mine was a commercial fisherman and he said you'd know instantly when you caught an escaped farmed salmon without even looking at it because of how soft they were. Your fingers would literally sink right into the fish. No thanks
  2. Biden declared it an emergency yesterday which releases funding as far as I know. You know, the humane response? Some still need to be reminded of Trump's rhetoric when he threatened to withold funding for the California wild fires and effectively delayed the response. Who the f@$# does that? But you know, trump derangement syndrome and whatnot. The democrats are just as bad. Boo hoo, wahh wahh. You guys are meanies. I'm going home.
  3. I think the unfrozen caveman lawyer defense would be an upgrade. He even runs for senate at the end of this one.
  4. Stumbled across the video of her getting it out. All's well that ends well. Let's call it a day.
  5. "Conspiracy" is an excellent movie about this subject if anyone is interested. It's based on the only surviving transcript of the Wansee Conference where nazi officials discuss and finalize the "solution to the Jewish Question"
  6. I saw an infomercial a few weeks ago about what can only be described as a digital jesus magic 8 ball he was hocking. I guess it's slightly better than miracle spring water but I digress. Grifters gonna grift.
  7. Do you think this meme was created by the Democrats? Greene is bat $#!t nuts. There is no political equivalent on the other side. That is the point.
  8. Given Nikki Haley's role in the child separation policy at the border it's hard to comprehend how anyone would consider her for so much as a line cook at the local ihop. Well... at least she got out before the bad stuff happened, amirite? Child separation is the single most abhorrent policy to come out of that administration and that's saying a lot.
  9. Or you could just come to the US and claim asylum at a legal port of entry, be incarcerated indefinitely, have your children are taken away, and pray that they accept you knowing that there's a very good chance they won't. People have literally spent years in what can only be described as a penitentiary, as returning to their homes is most likely a death sentence. How crappy would your life have to be to even consider this an option? Of course, while you are there you have the generous option to work for $1 a day or spend it in your cell. There's not much incentive for them to release you at that point.
  10. This is an article I read last summer. There are examples of people both praising and condemning her actions. Ultimately she is partially responsible for the disastrous way the administration handled the pandemic. Granted she was in a very tough spot.
  11. It's all so effing stupid. Still throwing out the "you listen to CNN" while simultaneously spewing bulls!## and thoroughly debunked stories from whatever source they consider news. And then, predictably, tucking tail and running when called out on their nonsense. Notice @nux4lyfe didn't respond to my question about the validity of his assertion that 1000's of affidavits were presented before the courts where lying is punishable under law? A story that was literally debunked in that hearing by one of the democrats on the panel multiple times. There will be no coming together or common ground until this ridiculous cycle is broken. They need to see that their sources are garbage and they are being lied to constantly. And for what it's worth ranks very highly on the accuracy and balance of its reporting. CNN tv not so much, but who the hell watches news on tv anymore anyway?