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  1. Peace out homies, catch you on the flippity flip
  2. Anyone else starting to think maybe Mark Donelly has a CDC account?
  3. I tried to warn you guys but nobody listened to me. Opened up the gazebo curtains today and had a real Temple of Doom fortune cookie type moment. Hundreds of these little buggers came pooring out and tried to scurry off. I did my part but I'm only one man. Still find the odd one in the nooks and crannys of the house but these bastards survived the winter outdoors. God help us all. We're gonna need snow shovels this fall.
  4. Breaking Bad does not belong there. You're missing out Hip.
  5. Reddit users were discussing this and bringing receipts. Iirc Musks plane was in San Diego at the time and his kid was in San Francisco so there's no link to the plane and the location of his child. This, along with the lack of video of the altercation, is leading many to suspect that this is just a ploy to ban the account of the kid tracking his plane. I'll post a link to the discussion if I can find it.
  6. You mean like call the cops? Or ban the reporters tweeting that no police report has been filed yet? Which one do you think Elon did?
  7. You misspelled "carefully curated persona". The guy apparently only has a bachelor of arts degree and even that is in question.
  8. The Surprising Benefits Of Admitting Mistakes: 5 Ways To Build Intellectual Humility Admit Mistakes. No one escapes mistakes, despite our preferences for perfection. You’ll actually expand your credibility when you demonstrate the humanity of imperfection. Be open about situations where you’re unsure and share with others when you’re uncertain. Admit your mistakes and you’ll pave the way for trust and an atmosphere of openness with colleagues. https://www.forbes.com/sites/tracybrower/2021/12/29/the-surprising-benefits-of-admitting-mistakes-5-ways-to-build-intellectual-humility/?sh=798dd21773c3
  9. Or publicly donating starlink to Ukraine and then threatening to take it back because you are losing money, among many other things. If you're not a little pissed off at Elon then you're not paying attention.
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