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  1. What boggles the mind is that in reality the democratic party platform would benefit most of these rubes far more than the current republican one. Instead they have them convinced that that the democrats are coming for their guns and fetuses, POC are coming for their neighborhoods, trangendered people are coming for their children in public washrooms and an advantage in sports, and scientists are coming for their religion. While their base is frothing at the mouth fighting these invisible boogeymen they pass legislation that only benefits the ultra rich at the expense of middle and lower incom
  2. That's not the Fat Man I was thinking of but it's better than nothing.
  3. This one gave me nightmares, especially the ending.
  4. If most PAL holders don't commit crimes wouldn't you say the program is working as it was intended?
  5. Your username has never been more apt. Where the hell have you been Alf? Good to see you back.
  6. I believe one of them actually stormed the capital iirc. Seems like a nonpartisan group if there ever was one, hey? Nothing to see here.
  7. While I agree it is most certainly a waste of time with that poster I specifically come to this thread to see what you post. Thank you for all of your efforts, they are greatly appreciated.
  8. So you're telling me "them libtards is going to take away your cheeseburgers" isn't the biggest problem facing America?
  9. Also shouldn't the title read hummingbirds? Are they purposely trying to incite the climate change deniers?
  10. One of these little suckers built a nest on a wind chime outside my front door. Everytime I go outside she takes flight and scares the bejesus out of me. That being said I've put up a number of hummingbird feeders around the yard and I'm going to do my best to make sure she's successful.
  11. Does anyone know what the penalty is for using fake test results to enter Canada because I have a few suggestions.
  12. Sorry brother, it was an inside joke that may have missed the mark. I won't spoil the surprise for you. Google "noble prize", scroll down a little, and you'll see why.
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