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  1. What other option is there? Grossly misinformed? Brainwashed? Easily manipulated? So many possibilities...
  2. Sorry about that. I was referring to the viral load of breakthrough cases, especially those with mild symptoms. Should breakthrough infections worry vaccinated people? https://www.cnn.com/2021/07/22/health/breakthrough-covid-infections-wellness/index.html
  3. From what I've read, you're much less likely to get it, and much less likely to spread it due to a vastly reduced viral load in breakthrough cases. What's still unknown is how effective the vaccines will be with the Delta variant as it produces a much larger viral load than its predecessor.
  4. You won't be disappointed, the other 2 stories are pretty good too.
  5. Don't wear masks, don't get vaccinated, blame on immigrants, rinse and repeat. F@#! You Ted Cruz!!!
  6. I just watched the documentary Heist on Netflix. One of the stories is about Pappygate, a heist in 2013 at the Buffalo Trace distillery. I won't spoil the story but in 2012 Anthony Bourdain said that Pappy Van Winkle was the best bourbon he'd ever tasted and bottles that were retailing for $50-$100 were selling for $1000-$5000.
  7. The only thing that has worked less frequently than communism is a regime change in a foreign country instigated by the US government.
  8. The article states that these are unmarked and undocumented graves of children. I'm not sure why any distinction needs to be made? Your comment reminded me of many of the other comments I've been reading around the web downplaying the significance of these findings. It serves no purpose other than to muddy the waters on this matter. To be honest I thought it was a little odd coming from you
  9. Connor threatening to kill Dustin and his wife in their sleep after the fight stoppage. What an absolute nut job.
  10. That's what the commies want you to think, lol. I know what I heard... I just watched a video where Bruce explains the lyrics, he clearly has no idea what a deuce is either. It's specifically referring to a 32 ford.
  11. I had no idea that the boss wrote the song. The original lyric was cut loose like a deuce instead of wrapped up like a douche, as Manfred Mann sung it. Learn something new everyday around here.
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