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  1. Who, other than than those making a living by writing, gives a frack about grammar. O wait nobody does, but pitiables sure like to point out mistakes reduntantly.

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    2. JustJokinen!


      I wasn't complaining.

    3. Apricot


      People who complain about people who complain about people who complain about grammar, then people deny that they're not complaining about complaining about grammar.

      I'm confused.

    4. Mr.DirtyDangles


      Really grammar is important but what if everyone cared as much about their life decisions as they do correctly spelled words ?

  2. Stupid question, where the hell is the search box?

    1. JustJokinen!


      Top right of your screen.

  3. DID you know...

    that Keith Ballard is on facebook?

  4. Nah, that's just a lie. I live where Fisher used to live. The same exact house.

    (I wish lol)

  5. When does next year's schedule come out?

    1. Captain Bob

      Captain Bob

      The NHL schedule typically comes out the day after the MLB ASG which this year is July 10

    2. microbialbbq


      Thanks Lager Hog, you da best.

  6. A bit late to ask for permission but I obviously stole my username from one of your videos and would like to...apologize/thank you/praise you? :-) I'll give you credit in my signature.

  7. Its fiiiinnnnaaaallly game day! Happy bday Manny!


    1. nucklebucker


      Seems like a straight forward thread. I don't know why a lock is necessary.

    2. Kanye West

      Kanye West

      CBC said that if it was a PP they would have continued but if it's icing they shovel the ice.

    3. rampage


      i want an answer for all the non calls against us and that bs call on raymond to give chicago a 5 on 3 and that bs penalty shot

  9. Why did your thread get locked?! I want to know too...

  10. Person who said they like you here. I like the grammar lesson and by extension, you. No homo/hetero part was cause my gender is "not telling" on my profile and so I feel obligated to be consistently evasive. Think nothing of it!

  11. Last night I dreamt I was going to Germany with Ehrhoff. Cool.

    1. :D


      I had a dream that I could lift myself off of the ground with a stream of urine and travel in such a way.

  12. I hate youtube being linked to google wtffff

    1. Mr.DirtyDangles


      OMG me to :( every dam time the ask me to link accounts and everytime I say noooooo!

    2. playstasian


      now they force you to lol. yo ucant watch videos unless you link it :(

      well thats the problem for me

  13. Hi I want to be your friend.

  14. Happy early birthday!

  15. Hi there! I believe you =) (about Willie)

  16. Hey. I tried adobe reader, no go. Btw its pda not pdf...

  17. Good luck with the essays! I think I know how you're feeling...and it sucks, but...HEY what are you doing reading this? Go back to your essays!

  18. Nice. I agree about the vague thread titles being a pain.
  19. your sig makes me go xD every time i see it, please don't change it ever. =D

  20. Hi Ryan,

    Looking forward to reading your blog entries. =)

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