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  1. Me literally every time Boeser got a point
  2. NOW WAIT ONE MINUTE??? Is this real?! There’s no way this is real
  3. Alright y’all, I know we’re all devastated over the forum closure news but how about we change it up. Let’s all share our favourite moment/memory on CDC! It can either be a thread, a post, a conversation you had someone, anything! I mean mine and I’m sure a lot of other people’s favourite has to be the, “Burrows? Do we really need him?” Thread. That thread will always be iconic, always made me laugh when I needed it. I also remembered the Boeser jersey bet I made in his rookie year and how scared I got after every point he got . Y’all never let that one go, even years later. I’ll miss everyone here. Come on, share for favourite moment/memory!
  4. This hurts more than my divorce. I’ll miss you Vintage
  5. WHAT??? Nooo why, this is my safe place during the hockey season. I’m so sad :(
  6. Hey, we've sucked for 10+ years so I'm sure the Hawks can suck for 7 lol
  7. Ayo, a surprise at pick 2? Thats early
  8. Anyways lets fast forward until Bedard comes to Vancouver please
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