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  1. In that case we must have a country club in the management offices now too.
  2. Other teams are rejecting credits from Canucks coaches. They have had too much of them over the years that now they're throwing up.
  3. Our D was a total mess tonight, but I don't think the pecking order for Harmonic is that much higher. It might be an oversimplification.
  4. All he's doing right now is bobbling the puck and falling down. He's even more invisible than Loui Player Name ever was.
  5. The team must have been really tired from having a day off.
  6. They need it before facing the red hot division-leading Buffalo Sabres team who's still undefeated.
  7. It's a superb video editing job that will keep waking me up in cold sweats at night.
  8. Red Wings vs. Canucks game used to be the epitome of entertaining high-skill hockey when Zetterberg and Datsuyk were around. Don't know what to say about this Detroit team especially after tonight's shenanigans.
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