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  1. Oops, sorry I thought you were saying good luck to VGK. Yeah that feeling toward dirty Vegas team is mutual
  2. As a small token of appreciation, the Stars should take Eriksson back.
  3. Texting with Kelly Hrudey in the dressing room for his Conn Smyth acceptance speech note.
  4. LOL I knew Vegas will lose as soon as Lehner let the first goal in. He can only win when he shuts out... Lehner's record in this playoffs will look weird as sh!t Bye bye... I mean bawk bawk knights, Viva LOSS Vegas!
  5. They can, and they did. Their forward lines are just as stacked as Vegas, and Dallas has a definite advantage on blueline. Their top 4 dmen are legit good with moving the puck as well as defending in their own zone led by 21-year old stud Heiskanen. Shea Theodore's very good too, but other Vegas dmen are quite a drop off after him.
  6. Vegas seems like they're still playing against us, and got surprised by Dallas' speed and forechecking which are even better than their own. I'm not much of the Stars fan but Heiskanen is a real deal, and a front runner for Conn Smyth. Go stars, &^@# Vegas! EDIT: I wish we could rent the Stars Demko, although Khudobin is doing pretty well himself.
  7. I'm so heartbroken but I also know I couldn't ask for more from our team. They fought til the end for one another until there's nothing left. Thanks for such a fun and fantastic ride for the whole month boys! We're so proud of you and can't wait to see you again next season! For one last time, GO CANUCKS GO!