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    Scandinavians everywhere! Sports: loves hockey, soccer, tennis, volleyball, figure skating. Enjoys singing/dancing, theatre sports, sci-fi movies, comic-cons & saunas. T.V. faves: The Good Place, IT Crowd, The 100, The Masked Singer, dystopian Sci-Fi or almost anything from the DC & Marvel comic book worlds, can’t help but watch absurd US political theatre, Masterpiece Theatre, & stuff on the History Channel like Vikings, of course!

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  1. Hey Jim! Don't want or need Milan Lucic on my Vancouver Canucks,..there's just too much bad history under the bridge and witnessed patterns of behavior in this player that go totally counter to the culture of 'good character'  that I've been proud to support here. Just say 'NO' & let Looch continue to be himself & a diminishing asset elsewhere. Thanks!. 

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    2. viking mama

      viking mama

      I'll hold onto my investment in these HOF Sedins & their very generous philanthropic ways to better the conditions of children & their families everywhere...over the oafish behaviors Looch demonstrates on and off of the ice - anyday! Somedays good guys finish 1st. Those victories are the best!! You can have an edge without being an idiot. Gudbranson seems to be that! Looch has simply been entitled for too long to change. Better find himself another league-enabled team to continue his schtick before the progressives take over, post-Bettman, & eradicate his kind altogether.

    3. Shift-4


      I think you are going to be disappointed, viking mama.
      I agree with your sentiment. But I have been bracing myself ever since talks broke down between Lucic and Kings.

    4. viking mama

      viking mama

      ^ Looch a Canuck?! It's akin to Messier as a Canuck! Never, ever, should have happened!!! On so many different levels it was a colossal affront to the team, the layers and their entire fan-base. I have embraced former rivals before. Dave "Tiger" Williams, Tim Hunter, Esa Tikkanen,...but some players have history that runs too deep & character too warped to embrace. Messier & Lucic are in that category for me. I would expect Trev to perceive this fact, even if Jimbo can't.