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  1. Columbus Blue Jackets call up Joachim Ohman Silwerfeldt
  2. Congratulations to Cooper Lade on the Calder! Wasn't even a race in the slightest!
  3. Columbus Blue Jackets call up the following players: Yakov Balashov Ole Sana Jens Christian Weibel Release the following players to FA: Jesper Bratt Tyson Jost
  4. Chad Reynish - 2 years Dan Aleardi - 2 years Vince Coghlan - 2 years Cooper Lade - 2 years Christer Ibrahim - 2 years Camille Cassivi - 2 years
  5. Blue Jackets call up Petr Kacian and Leon Porter. Waive Libor Zabransky
  6. This might be my worst CAP yet, but I think I've never won more than 1 cup in a CAP so huzzah...? You were spot on when you said Erik Gudbranson, Samson looks exactly like an Erik Gudbranson statline.
  7. Cole Samson clearly the MVP for the Phoenix Coyotes in their cup win with his 0 points.
  8. Brandon Merisier-Ortiz - 5 years Stanley O'Connell - 2 years Inbrahim Olsson - 2 years Leon Porter - 2 years Matt MacSween - 2 years Hunter Scarsella - 2 years
  9. Columbus Blue Jackets call up Cooper Lade
  10. Wait Rezi Modos only played 16 games in the playoffs... Did the Canucks sweep their way to the cup?
  11. Is Samson getting injured, scratched, or uhhh... 25 game suspensions? lol
  12. Columbus Blue Jackets waive Jalil Bushee and Adam Fox
  13. Brutal.. Samson off to a rough start in his career
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