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  1. I agree with that it could be that Geunther could be a bust or become the top 6 forward. I'm actually glad we didn't take the chance on Geunther. He wasn't on my list that I wanted. Time will tell in 3-4 years for Geunther. Garland was actually surprised by the trade and he was actually wanting to stay in Arizona even through the rebuild. Wanted to retire there. Shows how much character he has and I am for one glad that he is with us. OEL we knew wanted out since 2 years ago. Overall the trade was good for us. Made us better for sure. I'm excited for the season.
  2. Well, they get Geunther who might be a top 6 player, but they only have 1 year left of Eriksson, Beagle, and Roussel's contracts so after that they get the cap space. It's a good deal for them, but also good deal for Canucks. Also, Arizona will be doing a rebuild now
  3. No thanks! Don't want that POS anywhere near this team!
  4. No, the 2022 2nd and 7th pick go along with Ghost to Arizona
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