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  1. lol so who's replacing him? virtanen is most likely traded.. toffoli who knows.. ferland may or may not play again.. sutter and rousell are injury prone.. the bottom 6 have more holes than swiss cheese going into next season. Hoglander is not a bottom 6 player plugging him in there for the sake of filling a hole is just gonna ruin the kids development. kole Lind couldn't beat out Eriksson in the play in training camp i don't see him beating him out next season either. like it or not he's going to be the 13th foward and he's far more effective in a defensive role than any of the AHL options.
  2. lol eriksson is not going to mutually terminate his contract nor is he going to play in the AHL lol. with limited cap space... if we fail to re-sign toffoli.. and let virtanen be traded or walk.. you really think Green is going to go with a forward group of Kole Lind or Mackewen which lack nhl experience the entire season? even hoglander.. none of them are going to be playing the full season.. especially with a condense schedule. Eriksson will be rotated in and out of the lineup due to the compressed schedule.. so you guys can keep dreaming about Eriksson mutually terminating or going to the AHL lol
  3. anyone with no knowledge of the powerplay can tell you our zone entry is god awful and that full speed dash up the ice only to turn around and dump the puck back in the defensive zone is the dumbest play in recent years... other team just line up 4 across the blue line and wait for you to dump backward lol.
  4. i wouldn't sign markstrom to anything more than a 3year contract with ntc or nmc tbh.. i mean seriously how many goalies out there have shown they are consistently performing once they hit their 30s? if anything majority of the goalies shows a massive decline once they hit 30s. Markstrom was great for us the last couple years.. but good goalies can be had on the free agent market if demko does falter.. look at lehner.. he was a free agent last year and no one willing to give him a big contract and he signed for a 1 year deal. if markstrom is the only reason we made the playoff.. then we prolly better off saving the cap and look elsewhere to improve so that he's not the only reason we made the playoff.. ie upgrade the defense.. if say we upgrade the defense and go with demko.. we might have the same result as a crap defense with markstrom.. except if we went with demko there's potential demko does even better.
  5. ya i don't see any scenario markstrom would sign for 5mil lol he's going to want upward of 6+ and based on what other goalies are getting paid around the league? he'll definitely get 6 6.5 and up. this is his only chance to hit the homerun.. doubt he wants to sign for below market. there's quite a few teams that will be able to afford markstrom. there will be bidding war. if markstrom hits the UFA doubt we can afford to re-sign him
  6. lol good luck spinning that to any of the players agent when signing a contract with this team. there's reason why it doesn't happen in the NHL lol. you think you are smart signing a free agent and then trading him to get free asset instead of letting him walk? u think other gms are dumb and didn't think of it? obviously there's reason why they don't do it.
  7. lol good luck asking any free agent in the future to sign with the canucks without a NTC NMC.. hey we'll sign you to a 5-6 years contract.. next day oh we are trading you to the Sens coz it's best for our organization. sucks to be you but it's just business.
  8. i dunno i just don't think there's a huge market for goalies regardless. there's plenty of young goalies that'll prolly be made available. one of the 2 from pittsburgh one of the 2 from columbus plenty of cheap options too thru the UFA route if team wants to be cheap beside i don't like the idea of signing any 30+ years old goalie to anything more than a 2-3 years. most goalies don't age well, it's one of the more demanding position in all of sports. i mean there's always the exception of goalies doing well into their mid late 30s but those are few and far inbetween. most shows signs up decline once they hit 30, i feel that'll be the case with markstrom especially if we trade away demko and have to ride markstrom for 60+ games a season with all that travel.
  9. lol ya no Demko and LE would not fetch u a 1st.. more like a demko plus LE would get rid of LE only lol. Demko price went up.. but prolly still not worth a 1st lol you have to have a retarded GM to give a 1st to take on LE contract and gain Demko.. ppl would ask LE for a 1st++ just to take him so demko all of a sudden is worth a equivalent of 2 1st? since it would take a 1st alone to get rid of LE but you are gaining a 1st instead by trading Demko.. so that's the equivalent of 2 1st for demko lol..
  10. i don't see how you just *blow up* the bottom 6.. we are cap strapped team knows it they are not gonna just take players and contract off of u. we don't even have enough to sign our goalie + toffoli and 2 of our defenseman. ridding virtanen and gaudette ain't gonna help with the cap situation.
  11. Where u get the 5 years left from? What goalie out there right now are elite caliber in the early 30s that weren't a legit big name coming out of the draft or were good early in their career? Most the 30+ goalies in recent years that were good all plays on a fairly good team
  12. possibly but i think goalies will only jump at that chance when they were getting phased out by their team a la fleury. Markstrom is a legit starter so he doesn't need to jump at seattle. i think stability is a big thing for players. i doubt any of them would like to sign a long deal without any say in where they go.. imagine signed to a 6 or 7 years contract and then the team trades u from 1 to another to another
  13. i honestly don't see markstrom re-signing with the canucks if there's going to be a bidding war.. hell if Toronto Edmonton and whomever will enter a bidding war for Markstrom.. i'll take Anderson off toronto + a sweetener lol not much of a downgrade more of a sidegrade if anything anderson is overplayed i really don't see markstrom giving vancouver any kind of discount for what possibly his final big contract in his career.. especially not without a NTC NMC i don't think he's opened to finishing his career in an expansion team
  14. tbh i walk away from markstrom and try to keep toffoli and tanev.. Markstrom is great for us the last couple of years there's no denying. but if he's looking for something like 6 years contract.. plus sounds like there will be teams bidding for his service and his agents knows it.. is it something we want to take the gamble on? history says most goalie hit their decline when they hit 30 or enter 30. the decline might not be as big as some but it's gonna be a gamble if markstrom is looking for 6 years and around 6mil.. if he does hit a decline even say in 3 years.. that'll be a unmovable contract.. at this point i rather keep tanev and keep toffoli or sign another top 6.. can't imagine our defense next year with just hughes edler and myer. and say we let Toffoli walk.. our top 6 once again is questionable.. it'll be EP Miller Boeser Horvat and ??? ???.. Virtanen in these playoff shown nothing he belongs in the top 6.. Pearson seems more suited for a 3rd line role.. and the vegas series showed us we have problems playing with big and fast team and once again scoring is an issue outside the top line..
  15. i don't think baumer needs to go.. i think he did great in this series with the defense and managing their time.. PP and 5v5 is the problem.. losing the series doesn't hurt as it's expected going in.. but the way to lose hurts.. 3 shutout and a 3rd period blow up going in with the lead.