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  1. Coz this useless coach doesn't know how to make adjustments as shown in the bubble last year.. same plan every game and beat ur head at it hoping it works
  2. lol covid already showed up in vancouver well before feb just none of them gives a f about it and thought oh ya no big deal.
  3. lol if EP scored on half the post he hit.. he'd be right up there in points.. funny you think he's only worth 6.5 a year or less. barzal's 7mil bridge will be a starting point lol if he signs a bridge
  4. Our defensive system is utter crap. Even Schmidt looks like a horrible defenseman playing in our current system.
  5. i think we were all expecting a step back this season.. but was expecting a baby step back.. right now it feels like we took giant steps backward.. and i'm not optimistic about how next couple season our defense will magically fix itself even with the deadcaps gone. it's not like the free agency are littered with good defenseman that can fix this defense
  6. this is prolly the worse and most disappointing team in the league based on the talents available on the team don't think it's even close lol.. to be put in the same sentence as ottawa and detroit
  7. sry i look at all the teams player drafted since 2014 and see how many outside of the first round plays say 50+ games in the NHL. there's definitely more than 10. of coz there's going to be teams there that's trash at drafting too but considering outside of the 1st round we've been drafting in the top 5 in the other rounds for majority of the years. it's rather disappointing what we have produced other than a high prospect rank?
  8. it's obvious we are basing his success on completely different things. you are basing his ranking on prospects ranks which at the end of the day means nothing if they dont' make it to the NHL. i base it on how many nhl players he produces that plays in the NHL regularly bottom 6 bottom 4 bottom pairing etc.. there are plenty of teams in the NHL that have as much players produced in the 2nd rounds and up as the canucks depending on whether or not you even count tryamkin and forsling. if not half the league if not more have produced as much nhl players with 50+ games than the canucks out of the 2nd round +. so i fail to see the success you see in his drafting other than he drafted prospects that ranked decent but once again doesn't mean anything if they don't make it the NHL? like i said the only canuck prospect that's a guranteed to have a shot on the team right now is basically podz.
  9. I've always said the exact same thing and ppl laugh troll personal attack me all day for it lol. Benning drafting sucks. 50% hit rate on 1st rounders on a rebuilding team. Whiffed hard ona 5th and 6th overall. Traded McCann for a pylon and then doubled down signing him to an extension. Then ppl would start listing names like Lind woo Rafferty gadovich Rathbone etc etc etc. Cool you can prolly go down the list of all the nhl team and list a bunch of prospects name too... good chunk of them will never make the NHL... but a good chunk of you thinks all of them is going to be a top 6 or top 4 defenseman on this team and our future is bright.. really right now the only prospect we have thats guaranteed to have a shot in the NHL is Podz.. everyone else is just a maybe hopefully..
  10. i think aqualini needs to make a decision and decide if benning is the guy moving forward.. if benning is the guy moving forward then he needs to consider doing a coaching change now rather than wait for the off season.. at least the coach will have 3/4 of a season to figure out what players he can keep and whether or not the players are just playing in a bad system or what not and then we can go into the offseason knowing what we need to do.
  11. nah ppl were actually saying our PP were good lol i keep saying we padded against trash team and is terrible overall.. ppl keep saying look at our PP% how many PP goals we scored
  12. ya actually lol last year we were 20ppg on 62 attempts against teams out of the playoff.. but we are 10 of 19 against 2 teams lol detroit and LA.. so technically we were 10/43 against all the other non playoff teams.. then we look at playoff teams.. we were 37/174 overall but if u take out the 2 games against nashville where we were 10/13.. so technically we are 27/161 so ya our PP stats is padded by couple games where we ended up 20 out of 32 lol
  13. lol do we have the worse record in the league going into the 3rd period with a lead?
  14. so should we sign benning to a contract extension as long as petey and hughes too then because a new GM may not want them? wth logic is this.
  15. Occasional hitter? U mean the rare occasion? 20 goals per season? He's on pace for 4 points this season. He's avg 2 min less in avg ice time than last season and mostly coz he's barely played the last few games coz he's been trash. A 6th overall pick that's been called out multiple times about work ethic comes into camp out of shape multiple times. Expectation and potential to be a top power forward instead a bottom 6 player in the press box more often than not. Hes not in the lineup if Motte is healthy. If he was picked in the 3rd 4th 5th round than ya I'd agree he's not a bust.