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  1. i don't think it'll screw hughes as much as we think, worse case scenario Hughes just signs a 1 year contract and go at it again next season. as for signing offer sheet or not doesn't really say anything about a person's characteristic. if someone is offering u 6-7mil for 5 years vs someone offering u 8.7 for 5-6 years i'd take the 8.7mil easy as it's gonna be almost 10+mil difference after the taxes difference. that's more than an extra year worth of salary. if he was a long time canucks then maybe he would sign for less. sure barzal is their leading scorer every year
  2. lol no one is gonna offer that amount to ep.. just offer the max 8.7 whatever that gives 1st 2nd and 3rd already put the canucks in a bad spot.. the canucks will no doubt match it but that's prolly not their plan to give ep 8.7 this early and canucks will be back in cap trouble again when boeser and horvat is up
  3. So he should make EP and Hughes signs for peanut then coz there's a potential the Canucks will draft a player that he MIGHT be the agent of that'll need the cap so he can sign the best deal?? I wouldn't want an agent that doesn't look out for my best interest and think about other clients best interest. I mean its not that big of an effect on his other players. He can drag it out and see if another team will offer sheet or if his clients becomes Ufa they just sign elsewhere if they are only looking for money.
  4. lol Barzal is carrying his team to the semi final? u mean pageau and defense/goalie?? i like how you pump Barzal's tire and then belittle Pettersson who have a higher points per game and plays good defense and works hard on his backcheck, and a superior scorer.. and then you'll prolly say Pettersson have better linemates blah blah.. pettersson put up pretty much the same stats in his rookie year as he did with JT miller.. so no Miller didn't make Pettersson better other than he helps him with the faceoff.. Barzal plays with 2 perennial 20 goal scorer on his line in Anders Lee and Jordan Erbele
  5. i don't see EP signing anything more than a 4 year contract that'll take him right up to ufa where he will have all the bargaining power and can walk if he likes. vancouver is already one of the worse city to play in, in terms of income tax.. don't see why he or JP would be willing to take a long term contract with a home team discount being lower than a lot of the rookies recently... imagine the Kraken walks in with an offer sheet for 8mil or 8.5x7.. all they have to give up is a 1st 2nd and a 3rd.... they'll have plenty of cap space to play with and prolly ends up with a bunch of 1st 2nd and
  6. meh stamkos and or kucherov will be on LTIR after the end of the playoffs again for the entire season and show up for the playoffs again.. they just need to say they have concussion symptoms life's good when all u have to do is show up for the playoffs and get paid millions to "recover" at home.
  7. lol tampa will never trade cernak.. how does 3mil help with their cap situation? they'll be dumping a big contract + sweetener
  8. gotta be florida.. they weren't expected to be good compared to the other coaches.. they far exceeded expectation
  9. other teams have used it as well yes but none of them look as bad as vancouvers.. they slowly coast their way to opponent side and the drop pass all the way back to their defensive zone and then the 1 guy try to weave it's way thru all 9 players that's not a goalie lol it's horrible to watch
  10. if u don't look at stats and just watch Hughes play you'll see he's getting beaten or giving away the puck leading to odd man rush a lot this year and there's no Tanev to bail out. He likes to take risk so we just need a D partner for him to make up for it.
  11. oh for sure they should be drafted.. problem is there's only 1 every couple of draft and usually one of the top 5 picks
  12. until we have a legitimate norris caliber defenseman.. tbh we'll never be a serious contender... i mean look at all the previous cup winners.. what is a common theme a norris caliber defenseman.. Hedman, Pietrangelo, Carlsson, Letang, Keith, Doughty, Chara etc etc.. and this year again look at the team still remaining.. it's hedman pietrangelo, Weber, Hamilton, Makar/Girard etc etc. Hughes i think will eventually be better on his defensive side but he'll never be that 1A defenseman he's just simply too small.. ppl compare him to karlsson.. but ya karlsson is also 2 inch taller.. a
  13. i know right? every year he manage to sign a bad contract.. 2016 it's loui 2017 it's sam gagner 2018 Tim Schaller and over paying Beagle, 2019 offering multi year for Ferland with a chain of concussion history that no other team was willing to give him more than 1 year so we offer him 4 years lol.. unless he declares he's gonna retire.. we always have to be wary of him coming back and needing the cap space.. i guess last years the only year we didn't really make any bad signing.. well maybe virtanen.. shoulda just traded him for a pick and kept toffoli lol.. we ended up losing toffoli and prol
  14. lol other than demko and hoglander everyone else is a question mark.. you might as well throw every single canucks prospect in there and call them up and coming stud and call other teams prospect bust coz you pay attention or even watch them? before the season started colorado ranks 6th in prospect pool vancouver ranks 11th but all of vancouver players are up and coming players and all of colorado's are straight trash ya i'm done arguing with you believe what u want we are the next colorado avalanche in 2 years and we'll be a cup contender by then.
  15. i disagree if we are to compare then it should really be 2014-2017 don't think it's fair to judge sakic on drafting when his team is competitive/contending... might as well compare a bottom feeding teams draft with a playoff teams draft and say see? the bottom feeder is so much better at drafting... Also vancouver during 2014-2017 drafted much higher than colorado on average and had 1 extra 1st rounder too.. vancouver drafted 6 24 23 5 5 vs colorado 23 10 10 4 and also higher on avg in the following rounds.. let's just for argument sake we just gonna take the star players from both their draf
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