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  1. Technically we are 5th worse since Seattle gets the 3rd best chance by default
  2. lol damn then carolina's GM should be GM of the decade from 2010-2015 when they were kinda rebuilding lol.. they have 9 players with 200+ games outside of the first round lol that's almost 2 a year..
  3. sure our system have been top 5 or 10 or whatever u want to rank them, but how much of that is because of Pettersson Hughes and Boeser? out side of those top end talents in recent years there's only 1 notable player and that was hoglander and madden whom we got rid of for a rental even though we are "rebuilding" Gaudette is not good enough for this team Juolevi at this point i'm not even sure if he counts as a prospect and even if so he's well outside of top 100 for a 5th overall. Outside of the 1st rounders i'm failing to see any impact prospect that can make a difference that you can't just
  4. If u are consistently drafting in the top 10 you are expected to have a bunch of talents lol. 2014 wasted 2 first. Juolevi is still an unknown. Traded away another 1st while we are still "rebuilding" traded a bunch of 2nds and traded away prospect for rentals. Our farm system ain't exactly loaded with players considering where we are finishing every year. With the exception of last year we have been bottom 5-8 in the league pretty consistently
  5. i don't want green re-signed coz he doesn't/can't make changes on the fly.. doesn't make changes to the powerplay or defense.. yaya baumgartner and brown are in charge of those 2.. but you are the head coach.. so u have the final say ya? the powerplay have been the same ever since he came on the team.. the defense looks worse by the years partly due to personall partly due to coaching.. Schmidt looked great in vegas and all of a sudden he's an avg slightly below avg defenseman... i dunno if he doesn't have a say in how he wants to run the pp or the defense.. then go to the GM and say we need n
  6. lol.. the tortorella chant was cheering him and thanking him... you can hate him all you want.. but he turned the bluejacket into a beast the first couple of years.. and won the jack adam once and nominated another time.
  7. so if our rebuild only started in 2017-2018.. then wth are all the contracts like beagle rousell ferland we signed?? those doesn't look like the type of players you sign on a rebuilding team.. and 2 years into a "rebuild" we are trading away assets/draft capital to push for a playoff already? that's an awfully short rebuild.. and then 1 year later.. oh the rebuild is not done.. ok?? then by the time the rebuild is done Miller is gonna be 30 and likely see a decrease or decline.. then why the hell did we trade for a player that would not fit into the time line if we are still "rebuilding"?
  8. if aquaman gets rid of green and then cheap out on another AHL coach.. it just shows he has no idea how to run a NHL team from an owner prospective.. he's ok with bleeding money to useless players and plugs but when it comes to coaching that can actually make a difference he's going to decide nope i'm going to cheap out and hire some budget coach that have no experience or clue what they are doing and if he fails i can blame the GM. if that's the case then this team is just gonna waste all the rookies talent and watch them all leave after the rfa status are over.. i mean what kind of plan is t
  9. lol our defense this year is already terrible.. who are you replacing Edler and his minutes with? Juolevi Raffethy Rathbone and have an entire defense made of rookies?
  10. sure but the oilers are pretty much set for the 2nd seed in the conference.. so for all we know they might rest some ppl for the playoff.. and who knows what the flames will do lol they could tank for a higher pick.
  11. great goalies makes the saves regardless of the teams? then how come McDavid Crosby Ovechkin Matthews etc all dominate literally every goalie in the league? it also matters who's taking the shots Matthew McDavid vs say ovechkin and kane.. both of them are shooting at almost 5% or more higher rate than those 2 and happens matthew and McDavid also top 1 and 4 in total shots on goal.. obviously those will inflate or deflate ur sv% it's simple math. McDavid Matthew both scores around 18-19 goals every 100 shots... kane ovechkin scores around 9-13 every 100 shots.. that alone is a huge
  12. Lol the canucks are going to do the typical canucks fashion.. as soon as they are eliminated they will go on a winning streak to end the season and finish with the worse possible pick.. they like doing that.. its all about the pride who cares about the future
  13. Anyone playing Toronto and mcdavid 8 times a year is gonna have a trash sv% none of the goalie for teams that don't play toronto edmonton 16 times are even in the top 20 for sv%. Put ullmark on the canucks he will have just as bad if not worse record. 4 of the top 10 scorers all in the same division all over ppg guy and mcdavid almost 2 points per game. No goalie is going to have great stats against them
  14. actually it's very hard to figure what is re tool and what is rebuild and what phase are we in now? lol i mean we have never had more than 1st rounder ever other than the kesler trade.. we have had mutliple years with 0 2nd round picks.. and we didn't even have our 1st or 2nd rounder last year plus we gave up on a bunch of prospects.. so were we ever in a rebuild phase? lol i mean we had less draft picks then what we suppose to have and we have less prospect than we drafted
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