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  1. i would have put podz or anyone with better offensive skill on EP's wing than Highmore. i really don't see how rotating EP's winger every game and give him someone like highmore would get him out of his funk. i think it's fair to say EP have started with and played with the most different wingers this season so far in the NHL and not just for the odd 1 or 2 shift.
  2. does he stand in front of the net? i only recall him taking a bunch of cross ice pass from EP at the side of the net either missing fanning or shooting it into the goalie. the closest person to the net iirc is horvat
  3. no one is going to give you anything for hamonic or even trade for him and risk him taking a temp leave at anytime during this season or next season for family or whatever reason while holding the cap space hostage. he doesn't count against the cap when he's out yet you can't just spend the cap to replace him if needed
  4. You kinda missed the memo Dahlen had no patients. Again I already said the canucks were basically calling up and giving anyone not named dahlen a chance in that top 6 that year. We had injuries and our top 6 was trash the call up were trash and he was still not given 1 game despite doing well in Utica. It's pretty obvious he's not a Green guy with 200ft and he knows it he'll never get a chance in the NHL with the Canucks as long as Green is the coach. He probably doesn't want to play in the Utica system either coz they are trying to groom him into a 200ft checker that he was never meant to be. You sound stupid trying to suggest oh EP is playing like crap coz we traded away his best friend. I guess EP is signing with the Sharks next so he can play with his buddy right? Or he will be demanding a trade to the Sharks next if he continues to struggle so he can rediscover his scoring touch playing along side dahlen? Lol EP definitely signed a 3 year bridge rather than a max long term so he can sulk we traded his buddy so he can make less on his next contract by struggling.
  5. no not really the only reason Puljuarvi isn't out of edmonton was they couldn't get anything close to his value of a 4th overall pick lol otherwise he would be gone. Funny you think the kid is going to work his ass off sitting in the AHL knowing he has 0 chance on this team seeing all the injury and callups and he still gotten 0 chance. and even the current version of the canucks he has no spot on this roster. you really think he would re-sign when his ELC expires to try for a spot on this team again with no guarantees and then be sent to the AHL again? not a chance he's gonna re-sign with the team and just play in europe at least on the sharks there's plenty of roster spots up for grab on the canucks theres no spots available unless you are a 3rd 4th line plug.
  6. so the player expressed he wants to be traded and doesn't want to play for your team anymore cause he doesn't like the chance he's getting with the big club. you tell him F*k you stay in the AHL i ain't trading u? or are you suppose to gift him a playing spot just to make him happy?
  7. lol i don't think this have anything to do with dahlen.. sure i don't like how dahlen was not given the chance here but does that mean you have to gift a spot for dahlen in order to get pettersson to play? Dahlen asked to be traded out of vancouver he was the one that left pettersson not Vancouver trading away Dahlen to piss off Pettersson.. well i guess we should just get rid of hughes to NJ at all cost coz he looked like he wanted to play with the other 2 hughes.
  8. lol i dunno about you philadephia dominated us in the 1st period and if it wasn't for carter hart being terrible like he is we wouldn't be walking out of the 2nd period with 4 goals.. and the 3rd period the last 5 mins? i dunno how you can say we were great.. other than scoring 4 goals which probably at least 2 wouldn't have gone in on a competent goaltender. detroit and edmonton we were flat coming out of the game. you are paid to play a 60min game. not play a 40min or 20min game hell you are only on the ice at most 20mins a game for most ppl.. and u can't even show effort for a full 20mins on the ice and only show up here and there?? we didn't eather the storm against seattle Demko did lol the entire team was no show. no shots for almost 20mins? and we had a powerplay or 2 in there. that's effort?
  9. the negativity is mostly coz even though they came out of this road trip 3-2-1 they were not good in almost all the game and demko and to a lesser degree garland got them most if not all of the points. yes it was a 6 game road trip so it was rough to start the season, but at the same time it's literally the easiest road trip they'll get in terms of teams. every team they played witht he exception of oilers were not a playoff team and prolly 4 of them will be competing for the lottery. i honestly don't care too much about the result we can be 6-0 or 0-6 if we played hard for 60mins in all the games and competed i would be estatic as it's a step in the right direction. except we haven't had 1 single game where we played a complete 60mins. i guess the closest was the detroit game we showed up after the 1st period? the defense for the most part looks just as bad as last year against these teams that supposively have no good offense capability. the powerplay even though we changed the coach looks more or less exactly the same on the pp1 and there's really no personel change there except swapping boeser and pettersson position and having chiasson there earlier when boeser were injured. we haven't played any good teams yet and the effort level from top to bottom other than a few demko, garland, hoglander and to a lesser degree hughes and OEL have been terrible. having so much new player on the roster and not having a good effort every night is 2 different thing. unless that changes there's always going to be the negative outlook towards the team
  10. @PistolPete13 @VancouverHabitant find a post where i said he's worth 10-11mil than we talk. i said he's worth 9 long term and i still stand by that. so 6 games into a season he's a bust? well might as well call Makar and everyone else that's struggling couple games into the season a bust. oh and there's also 5 players on pace to break gretzky's single season record after 5 games. Garland is also on pace to shatter Henrik sedin's point record for the canucks so should we call start calling him the greatest canucks ever and start planning to retire his number?
  11. lol if they keep playing like this they would get fired.. u can't fire the entire team
  12. maybe the players are just trying to get green and or benning both fired.. prolly already tuned out the coach and his ahl tactics
  13. lol the coaching staff on this team teaches our PP to plant and not move?? literally the only person that moves on the powerplay is hughes.. everyone is planted and rooted to the exact spot on the ice and pass the puck around slowly.. it's not the other team is getting agressive it's we are not moving the defense.. they are just easily staying in their box blocking all the lanes since we don't move
  14. chiasson still on pp1 and we still can't even get a shot even with a PP lol
  15. lol that was tough to watch.. the entire kraken powerplay and then 1 full min after the powerplay the puck was in vancouver zone
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