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  1. D-Money one of the best GMs for a long time. Congrats champ
  2. Pittsburgh uses it’s compliance buyout on Adam Larsson @Nail
  3. The Pittsburgh Penguins select from the USA U18/USHL, Jake Sanderson @Dabeast @Nail
  4. The Pittsburgh Penguins select from Mannheim, Tim Stutzle @Patrick Kane
  5. I wish I was still the FLA GM. You guys know I wouldn’t make you wait and would have taken best American available by now smh
  6. yall really said no to free draft picks
  7. now that we have louis domingue does that mean we can bring back the luuu for our goalie saves
  8. thanks to all the great gms who reached out to me but im busy as usual and just don’t have any time to make any more trades tonight. coming in with two days really pressed me for time and had a record amount of dms. if anyone you were interested in is still available i’ll be taking offers again draft time. good luck to you all
  9. what a great day for the city of pittsburgh. we added two 1st round picks and a young power forward c in ryan johnson. as far as I’m concerned the 2021 pick is already ours because with the addition of 50% discount krug colorado has become the most powerful entity in the entire league. i know I’ve only been back for a couple of days now but i don’t think it’s out of question after pulling off a move like this that i’m in contention for gm of the year
  10. pit sends down borgstrom pit calls up meloche
  11. nice to see fla still trading for Americans
  12. ya’ll going straight for my players without repping my big return post. I thought we were a family
  13. as the former gm and talented architect behind the legendary Team America Panthers, I have to start off by saying that it is great to be back in the best league, with the best resources, with the best group of gms. you all know me already and know i’m not one to sugarcoat around the bush, so i’m gonna go big like usual. effectively immediately i’m placing the entire pens franchise OTB. get those offers in fast. somebody you like might get traded to somebody you don’t. also get them in fast because theres a deadline or something still getting to know the prospect pool of this team however. not really familiar with any of these non American players -getting a lot of offers on tkachuk now. asking price will be high