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  1. Andersen is not the problem... Only Connor Hellebuyck has face more shots against than Andersen in the last three years....Andersen keep the leafs in most games that the do not belong in... Leafs need to fix there D. It’s atrocious. but shh let’s not tell the leafs that.
  2. Sounds more like a conspiracy theory than an actual claim. Donald Trump denied any racial discrimination, but said his managers tried to weed out certain kinds of tenants. “What we didn’t do was rent to welfare cases, white or black," Trump wrote in a 1987 book. And the Trump rental case was 45 years ago and here we are. So believing people are still guilty makes him a racist? So despite him clearly and publicly calling out Neo Nazi's, you assume the opposite because......well to be honest it seems like you have a lot of confirmation bias going on here and are grasping as straw to validate the opinion you have. Covid has vaporized all countries Job's Many of the acts he put in place himself. Obama had 8 years to revert the 1994 law Biden himself put in place. Racists don't do that. Racist's would purposely go out of their way to insure destruction, not go out of his way to put things in place to help them. With such a strong confident accusation. I mean we should have to better and clear examples of him being a racist in action, not out of context, misconstrued attempts at making him look like a racist. Apparently he's Hitler, well Hitler wasn't shy about his distain for the Jews. You didn't have to grasp as "hidden" meanings.
  3. I'm curious, what is the solution or is there even one? I think we all agree we need change but how do we change and ensure that change stays?
  4. Completely agree, In both Canada and US we are struggling for options. It leaves voters between a rock and a hard place and we get to call that democracy.
  5. Facts? I'm curious how you would try to explain TheDestroys post had anything to do regarding my position that people should be free to do as they choose and not be forced into anything? I called out TheDestroyer not on the content that he posted but of him being a phoney on this board. Who joins a hockey discussion board to not once talk about hockey. You two should become friends offline, it wasn't that long ago you PM'd me saying your life was a disappointment, maybe you two could help fill each others void.
  6. At which Trump countersued and was found no wrongdoings. https://www.politico.com/blogs/under-the-radar/2017/02/trump-fbi-files-discrimination-case-235067 Meanwhile back in 1977 Biden can state he "Didn’t Want His Kids Growing Up in a ‘Racial Jungle" https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/biden-racial-jungle-quote/ Woah that must mean he's racist because he believes people were still involved in a crime. Wait doesn't the majority of the world claim Carol Baskin murdered her husband? Looks like you fell for more CNN fake news click bait. Hook line and sinker...... Full quote on trumps opinion of Neo Nazi's If Trump is a racist, he's got to be the worst at showing it. What kind of racists would; African American and Hispanic unemployment under his presidency is the lowest it has been in 60 years, brought in school choice, promoted opportunity zones that incentivized private investment into marginalized communities, increased federal funding to historically black colleges and universities by 17 percent, and the First Step Act. What about that screams racist,
  7. haha I like the mediating. /\ I'm clearly the canucks fan Meh. If I got banned my life would continue. I just wouldn't get to share any hockey insights I don't think I could say the same about thedestroyer, he seems to need this board a lot more than I.
  8. I'm amused that you are on a Canucks HOCKEY board. I mean in your last 1500 posts, no one single post in the Canucks hockey discussion section. Is your life that pathetic that you need to come onto a hockey forum to be able to rant about orange man bad? No friends to be able to to talk to? Need to come online to let random strangers fill that hole? Just sad really. Anger is an addiction, don't let the media fill that outrage to that point that it consumes your life. Take a break from politics, it accomplished nothing other than adding gas to the fire, make some friends and invest in yourself. focus on finding joy. Your life will be that much better off......
  9. Well for one, O'toole has openly said he's against conversion therapy. And in regards to abortion https://www.thestar.com/politics/federal/2020/06/16/erin-otoole-courts-social-conservatives-as-conservative-leadership-debates-draw-near.html
  10. Being over 18 is a big thing for me on both of these issues. None of this BS parent consent.
  11. Great that is a good idea and i'm not against that but that's a different issue. Tolerances goes both ways. It can't be, i'm tolerant as long as everyone believes exactly what I believe. I don't think it does work either but I don't really have any background in that area. I just feel as long as the person is willing, over the age of 18 and is in full control of their decision, they let them make that choice. I'm not in the role of telling people what they can and can't do. Yeah I don't see any issues with that, especially to make sure people are in their right state of mind before making that decision.
  12. Many religions believe acts of homosexuality is wrong and considered a sin. If someone practicing said religion is seeking help in regards to that sin, who am i, who are you, to take away that help. Taking away that option is forcing your beliefs on another. Regardless of my opinion, it's not my role, nor the govt's to tell them what they need to believe.
  13. Again who are you to tell someone what they believe is right or wrong. What happened to this idea that we should just let people live their lives. As long as no one is forced into something and they are willing and seeking help themselves why are we taking that away? It's not the govt's job to tell people they can or can't be gay. They should not be in that discussion, period. Forcing people to accept it, is just as bad as forcing people that it's wrong. It's just the other side of the coin, i'm surprise some of you are struggling to see that, not surprised with jimmy, he's not the sharpest toole. I'm on the side of, do what ever the heck you want with your life, as long as we are protecting peoples freedoms, it's none of my business.
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