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  1. Why always the focus on Alberta, Why not look in your own back yard? Vancouver protesters rally against masks https://globalnews.ca/news/7195268/coronavirus-vancouver-anti-mask-rally/ My favourite part “I’m not anti-mask, I wear a mask 24/7, it’s called an immune system.” I mean how can you argue with such strong logic. lol
  2. My favourite part "Science is a method, not a body of facts" Seems to me like it's often presented as facts. Especially when it's often followed up with an action based on those findings. Current results are showing it helps. https://www.henryford.com/news/2020/07/hydro-treatment-study Do you not see the irony. I claim fauci makes a bold claim about something too earlier and the replies are....there was so much unknown about it at that time. Trump say something....and it's orange man bad. Might want to double check on that
  3. The US if 330 million people. Not sure what you are expecting. If Obama was still president do you think that people wouldn't be protesting? BLM and the restrictions of covid? Each state has there own governors and people in charge to decide what best for there population. Yes just like Canada, maybe you don't noticing but things were handeling much different in BC, than in Alberta or Ontario or Quebec. I didn't know the covid virus cared about the cause...As long as the cause is "just" I guess you are free from catching it..haha..... and that's where my discussing with
  4. And again, publicly stating it's nothing to worry when it's still unknown is exactly the same thing people criticize DT over. Same things happened with hydroxychloroquine and how recent results show that it does actually help with covid. Funny that quickly gets swept under the rug. Like they followed with all the protest across the country? Florida also had a 3 phased approach. It's funny because i was thinking the same thing about people putting the blame solely on Trump. Again the left from the start was deeming this to not be a serious matter. I can
  5. No it didn't and again, not shocked seeing the covid cases spike shortly after. Yet we saw countless politicians from the left encourage people to go out and exercise their right to protest. Probably not the best advice to give when we were in the midst of a highly contagious pandemic. No trump surely didn't help either, but If it was mostly trumps fault you'd likely see the largest affected cases in red states. Sure but that's not trumps fault. The issues have been around long before he was president. Biden's been in politics for 40 years, yet he's the one going t
  6. Well first of all he's a non practicing doctor not a scientist. Second of all, if he didn't know for certain he shouldn't have made such a bold claim. Telling people that masks have no purpose in a pandemic only strengthens those nut jobs validation. People flip flopping on the left is as bad as the right and it needs to be called out on both sides. To blame Trump purely on covid when the left was calling him a racist for the travel ban in march, telling people to go out side, enjoy china town, early april and even recently to exercise your right to protest in large crowds. Are we shocked
  7. haha Fauci, the guy who a few months ago, made the claim and I quote. "There’s no reason to be walking around with a mask. When you’re in the middle of an outbreak, wearing a mask might make people feel a little bit better and it might even block a droplet, but it’s not providing the perfect protection that people think that it is. And, often, there are unintended consequences — people keep fiddling with the mask and they keep touching their face."
  8. There’s so many other variables at play. Like travel amongst immigrant who reside in the country, like age median age and geographical of those ages like how In Norway the regional differences in the overall age level are clearly visible, with the far north and the far south characterised by a lower relative number of old age persons compared to the regions in between. distance between sparsely populated areas. and City sizes. Stockholm is 2.25x the size Oslo (Norway’s largest city) and Helsinki (Finland’s largest city). Just because they are neighbors and have similar life styles doesn’t mean
  9. There are plenty, even in this very thread people are complaining about it. Leafs fans tend to thing they are on top of the world and unstoppable...Until the first round of playoffs hits
  10. I honestly can say I haven’t seen any GOT. I was going to wait till it was over and then power through it marathon style. But then everyone said the ending ruined the whole show and not to bother haha so I decided to spend my time else where.
  11. Two scenarios. Both involve death. One puts us in a worse outlook when everything is over. The other puts us in a better outlook. If your odds are set up to lose at least focus on area with a glimmer of hope. Again I think people might be confused in what I’m stating. I’m not saying we did the wrong thing originally. I think the lockdown was good considering the unknown. Now that we have more understanding I’m saying it’s time to start opening up again. Like we are doing. My debate is with the group that thinks things need to remained closed longer. And disagrees with the govt phased
  12. Does one death hold less value? There is DIRECT correlation with unemployment rate and suicides. Causation in one results causation in the other. why is a covid death more valuable than a suicide death. Incase people still don’t understand the point. It’s a double edge sword. Prevention of one results in the loss in the other.
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