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  1. Um what, that’s exactly what this discussion is about. But your too dense for that I guess
  2. there’s more than one you know. Another video show cops attempting to taser then trying to take him down to arrest in which Blake fights off the cops and then heads to his car where he’s a knife was found at his feet inside the car. Not to mention the cops were there to arrest him. Was not under arrest. Did not fight off cops. But apperently you think he posed a bigger are a same level of threat. Haha good one. Confirmation bias is strong in this threat.
  3. There’s video of him earlier that night helping out BLM protestors after a few fights broke out. Even calling EMT. the first guy (Joseph Rosenbaum) to get shot is a POS. There’s video of him earlier that day pretending to be mr tough guy. Approaching guys with guns shouting “shoot my N#%%*” then later that night a video shows him chasing the 17 threatening to beat him. After a failed attempt to throw lit Molotov at him he chased him another 100 meters before the 17 year old turned around and shot him. If anyone is a dufus is the guy chasing after another person with a guy. I can post the videos of both If you want but they do involve a person getting shot. Not for a fair stomach.
  4. Blake just finished fighting with two officers prior. Video evidence of that. They also attempted a taser twice on him. Might want to do your research there hip.
  5. That some who just throw a Molotov at him. And was chasing him for 100 yards before the 17 year old turned around to shoot. That clown was a convicted pedophile anyways, but what does he think is going to happen when you chase a person with a gun threading to beat them to death. Some people are just stupid.
  6. All they did was cherry pick out the mental health of the victim in order to skew their numbers. Why does it matter if the person has mental health issues? Do the cops on scene magically happen to be aware the health history of the victim? Did the cops in George Floyd some how know he had "fatal level" of fentanyl in his system, did they know he had heart issues and that one artery was 75% blocked? It's no different than how they treated Tony Timpa, a white man who also had health issues and was also killed when cops were kneeling on him, heck in that case the cops were laughing and making fun of him..... The fact is, in 2019 only 13 unarmed black men were shot and killed by the polices, 5 of which were punching the cops and attempting to resist arrest. We can post 14x higher or 1-1000 more deaths or what every stat vilifies to other side more...but the number is still only 13. While yes, every life has value but to hear these claims that people are being gunned down in the streets every day by bad cops is outrageous. Should black people fear for their lives based on that number? No, more people die from toaster ovens each year. So why is the media convincing them they need to be fearful? Who does that benefit? Is it something that could be improved. heck yes, no one is claiming the system is perfect.....but do these "few" incidents justify billions in rioting damages, multiple deaths, and an even bigger divide amongst its citizens? Jacob Blakes parents sure don't think so.
  7. That's actually not true. https://www.pnas.org/content/116/32/15877 And You just don't see the videos because whites getting killed doesn't fuel any media narrative. https://time.com/4404987/police-violence/ In total sure but not in proportion to their populations size, which is what the original point you made. The only one of those columns that actually represents there correct proportion is driving under the influence. Everything else is 24% or higher. And on top of that. Homicide is the crime that has the highest threat. While Embezzlement is against the law, it doesn't typically put lives at risk Homicide is the very definition of putting lives at risk https://www.bjs.gov/content/pub/pdf/htus8008.pdf I agree that is part of the problem. But you have to look at the root causes for that. Things such as Bidens 1994 crime bill. Or people like Kamala Harris Mean while Donald J introduced the First Step Act, which has benefited mostly black Americans
  8. Yes now. Thanks to trump passing the school choice act. something many of the current dems have been against.
  9. Crime and violent crime are different. For example blacks committed 52 per cent of homicides recorded in the data between 1980 and 2008. https://ucr.fbi.gov/crime-in-the-u.s/2016/crime-in-the-u.s.-2016/topic-pages/tables/table-21 Would one not assume that the more often you engage in violent crime, the higher probability you are at getting shot by a cop? Joe Bidens 1994 crime law was part of that cause and even people Kamala Harris was another part of the forcing people to serve longer sentence despite being innocent in order to meet prison minimums. And surprisingly, Donald Trumps First step act is a criminal justice reform at reversing this issue, https://www.vox.com/future-perfect/2018/12/18/18140973/state-of-the-union-trump-first-step-act-criminal-justice-reform
  10. Im curious as to why would you expect that to be the case? Distribution is rarely even across board, if ever. We can’t just label the cause for every distortion a racial cause. In 2019, 95.6% of people shot by cops were men, only 4.4% were women, Would you not expect the numbers to reflect the distribution in this case as well? Are cops not only racist but sexist too?
  11. Andersen is not the problem... Only Connor Hellebuyck has face more shots against than Andersen in the last three years....Andersen keep the leafs in most games that the do not belong in... Leafs need to fix there D. It’s atrocious. but shh let’s not tell the leafs that.
  12. Sounds more like a conspiracy theory than an actual claim. Donald Trump denied any racial discrimination, but said his managers tried to weed out certain kinds of tenants. “What we didn’t do was rent to welfare cases, white or black," Trump wrote in a 1987 book. And the Trump rental case was 45 years ago and here we are. So believing people are still guilty makes him a racist? So despite him clearly and publicly calling out Neo Nazi's, you assume the opposite because......well to be honest it seems like you have a lot of confirmation bias going on here and are grasping as straw to validate the opinion you have. Covid has vaporized all countries Job's Many of the acts he put in place himself. Obama had 8 years to revert the 1994 law Biden himself put in place. Racists don't do that. Racist's would purposely go out of their way to insure destruction, not go out of his way to put things in place to help them. With such a strong confident accusation. I mean we should have to better and clear examples of him being a racist in action, not out of context, misconstrued attempts at making him look like a racist. Apparently he's Hitler, well Hitler wasn't shy about his distain for the Jews. You didn't have to grasp as "hidden" meanings.
  13. I'm curious, what is the solution or is there even one? I think we all agree we need change but how do we change and ensure that change stays?
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