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  1. Wow, looks like Bo will be on the fourth line with Burr and Dorsett. Willie Willie Willie...

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    2. Wilbur


      I'm generally pretty neutral to positive when it comes to WD, but I do not like this line combo.

    3. Salmonberries


      I like Willie D as well. I don't think the lines will stay this way for long. 


      Maybe there is a message in this somewhere? Bo didn't exactly wow anybody with his camp after all.

    4. Trebreh


      Dorsett and Burrows didnt exactly 'wow' anyone in the pre-season too but  they're still in the lineup. 


      what message does that send to Labate who clearly made more of an impact. 


      this Horvat to the 4th line move is so bizarre, what message is he trying to send when the season hasn't started yet... dafuq

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