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I thought there was one so I did a search to make sure, came up with nothing

Discuss your blackberry, wallpapers, themes, BBM pins, apps, etc

I'll start it off.

I have a black BlackBerry Bold 9000 Rogers Unlocked with Fido.

Installed apps I have are Facebook, Twitter, Windows Live Messenger, Vuvuzela App (greatest thing ever), BlackBerry App World, Dictionary.com and YouTube Player.

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iPhone 4 >>>>>> BB this coming an experienced BB user going through 5 myself personally.

RIM Is trying too hard in OS6 to impress their overall crowd with their newly designed UI, but to be honest they need to stick to what makes them successful and that's BBM and BES.

Why do people try so hard to compare Apples and Oranges (I guess Blackberry in this case)? Those are two companies that clearly target different demographics. Besides, think iPhone 4 is so great? I was actually thinking of getting one. But the antenna issue, proximity sensor issue, and discoloration of the retina display aren't exactly small issues.

Anyway. Bold 9700 unlocked to Fido.

Currently addicted to Absolute Tris. It's free on the AppWorld. And +1 to what someone else said. Bolt and Opera Mini are both good alternatives to the native browser. There's the Canucks BB app if you're a Canucks fan. ScoreMobile, Goal.com, WordPress, Facebook, Twitter = recommended.

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Thinking of getting a BB. Are there any new BB's coming out in the next little while that I should wait for?

Rumors are saying that there will be a Blackberry Bold 9800 Slider. The screen will be touch and the keyboard will be just like the Bold 9700's I think.

At the mean time, I think your best choice would be a Bold 9700 or Bold 9000. Both great phones.

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iBerry Blocks Theme

I have this theme, amazing!! I downloaded it a couple months ago, and have used it since, it's a blend of both worlds between iPhone and BB, simply gorgeous.

I also have:


I got this phone brand new for 200$, amazing investment, the keys are a bit together, but you get used to it, really nice and smooth phone as well!

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