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Thievery Corporation at the Malkin Bowl Sept 13


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I just found out today Thievery Corporation is playing in Stanley Park in September, and all I can say is WOW

Honestly, these guys are in a league of their own when it comes to what they play :wacko:

marching the hate machines into the sun, warning shots, amerimacka, revolution solution with perry farrell, sweet tides with lou lou ghelichkani

I MUST be at this show :emot-parrot:

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I saw Thievery Corporation several years ago (I wanna say it was at the Commodore, but I could be wrong). Unless they've significantly upped their live show, expect to see guys avoiding eye contact with the audience while twiddling knobs, and smoking cigarettes.

That's no comment on their music, which I still enjoy (albeit in smaller doses compared to then), but that concert is on my list of "Shouldn't have bothered - may as well listen to the mp3"

Give me a review though - hopefully it's better than when I saw them.

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