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Latest Board Topics - How To Post There?


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I have asked this question numerous times through different venues and nobody has answered.

I want to post a new topic (REAL FANS CHEER) that I put in Trade Rumours because I didn't know how to get it on the latest board topics. I was told there that it was the wrong forum and I already knew that.

I would much appreciate any help given to be able to post onto the latest board topics.


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I'd go further than Shift-4's advice and also mention there's probably no need to re-post your 'Real Fans Cheer' thread once you do navigate back to Canucks Talk. The topic has been discussed, even recently, and your's wasn't anything new and exciting. No need for a redundant thread with little substance if that's the case.

But in case you have no idea how to get to other sections of the forum (although you went from Trades to General Hockey, so I think you do), you can see above the title of the thread, it has breadcrumb links:

Canucks Community → Hockey Discussion → General Hockey Discussion

Click on Canucks Community and it'll take you back to the main forum where you can select the sub-forum you want. You can also go to the menus on the top of CDC and select Message Board from under the Fan Zone section.

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