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Goalies For The Rest Of The Playoff


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Yesterday Cory played remarkable and as usual tension filled game in which we were on the brink of elimination. Don't get me wrong. I'm not a luongo hater at all. The way Cory played I believe he can do the reverse sweep of this series.

IF we win this series and Cory is in the net then I think AV should make it clear to both Goalies that home games will be played by Lu and Road games by Cory. Lu has always played good in home games and Cory was more given the task of playing in enemy territory in the last couple of years. Cory is also more stronger mentally than Lu when playing in opposing rink. He has won against Bruins, Hawks and SJ on their ice.

If any goalie had a bad game, replace him with other for that game and back to the schedule for the next game. This will also help Canucks management decide which goalie to keep in the off-season based on their performance.

The reason I'm proposing this idea is because by this way media won't put pressure on Lu everytime AV change his goalie and Cory has always been a very reliable goalie. Also by this way, Lu will get more games than Cory if the series goes till Game 7 and he will be well rested for his next games.

What do u guys think?

Edit: I said IF we win this series with Cory. I don't want Cory to be taken out in rest of this series. I meant that from next series. Starting from clean slate. I think LU should be in the net in home games meaning Game 1,2,5 & 7 and Cory in Game 3,4 & 6.

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The reason I'm saying to play LU in home game is because last year Lu won us game in Van in VAN-CHI series but blew it in CHI. Same thing happened in VAN-BOS series. We won first 2 games but we were blasted in Boston. Also Lu has always played gr8 when Canucks fan chant LUUUUUUUUUUU. And Cory has really showed that he is mentally strong to take opposing fans and media and play his game.

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Game 5 is another elimination game.

lf they (the Canucks organization, not just AV) trusted Cory in game 4,

why would they not trust him again in game 5?

Cory is THE better goalie, everyone knows that.

From MG, to AV, to Henrik and the team.

If they use Lu in game 5 and they lose, it will have greater backlash than Schneids losing that game.

Lu's fans should should accept the hard fact-

he is no longer the #1.

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