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Which Player Do The Canucks Miss The Most From Last Year?

-Vintage Canuck-

Which Player do the Canucks miss the most from last year?  

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When you list Cody Hodgson, are you referring to the impact that he had last year or the impact that he was having this year? I think the poll results could differ drastically depending on how it is interpreted, based on the reaction to the trade.

Either way I'm going with Ehrhoff. Maybe Samuelsson, hes having a pretty good postseason so far.

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Unfortunately, I doubt any of those players could kick start the 2nd line to score.

Hodgson wouldn't have a place in the line-up.

Neither would Glass.

Torres is a dirtbag and also wouldn't outplay anybody in the line-up.

Tambo might outplay Ebbett and maybe would have checked Kopitar last game..

For me it is between Ehrhoff, Samuelsson & Tambo. Ehrhoff, although had moments of not-so-greatness, still put up over a .5 PPG and the PP did have some serious struggles in the first 3 games. I'll go with Ehrhoff if salary means nothing.

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  • 1) Mikael Samuelsson- did MG not ask to have Raymond in his place when he traded for Booth? Would be great to have Swearin' and Snipin' Sammy still around to dish the puck to Kes, and to snipe on Quick like he did two years ago (he was a 50-point man and he could really pick spots with that shot)

  • 2) Christian Ehrhoff- sure he got 50 points with the Sedins and is an effective puck mover and I do miss his shots which allow for good tips but he was soft in the SCF and not worth $40M (the way Ballard lugs the puck and can also play physically also lessens the blow of his leaving)

  • 3) Raffi Torres- ah yes, the Human Bowling Ball, what a solid 3rd liner he was (but he did cross the line at times with his hits, like on Eberle and Seabrook; still, $1.75M for an energy 3rd liner isn't bad)

  • 4) Jeff Tambellini- too bad May Ray isn't the one toiling in the Swiss League (though Tambo wasn't effective in the playoffs, his intensity in checking, speed and sniping sure got things going), would love J.T. back

  • 5) Cody Hodgson- not last season's Cody, he wouldn't have played (Manny did well in the 3rd line spot)

  • 6) Tanner Glass- LOL can't believe this is an option; how is he any better than any of the plugs currently vying for a 4th line spot (Bitz, Kassian, Weise, Ebbett?) Scrabble aside :P

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