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Would We Ever Trade With Chicago?

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I think you'd have to at least consider it if they somehow were open to the idea of moving Kane. Sometimes you have to make a bold move... hypothetically, both teams get significantly stronger with a trade.

Positives: We get a beast player that could help us go to the SCF.

Cons: They get a beast goalie that could help them to the SCF.

Both teams would have the same pros and cons to consider, so it's not like one team is going to be getting fleeced if they made a deal.

I see no chance in hell this happens though, especially since we would probably have to add another piece to the trade on top of a goalie. And also, generally a goalie has a much higher chance to steal a game than a player. So by that logic, trading an elite goalie for an elite player actually gives your opponent the upper hand.

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