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[Proposal] Offseason

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To TB Luongo, Malhotra, Alberts, 1st 2012 and rights to Ryan Parent & Oreskovich

To Van both 1st rd picks, Malone, Purcell & Garon

To NYI Ballard

To Van 2nd 2012

To MTL Booth, Mason Raymond & Det 1st 2012

To Van 1st 2012


Scneider 4yr/ 12 million

Hordichuk 1yr/1 mil

Tootoo 2yr / 3.5 mil

Suter 4 year/ 22 million

Corvo 1 year/ 2 million

line up










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Our 1st and Detroit's 1st (via Tampa) are basically the same except ours is worse, so no point including them. Luongo could fetch us Tampa's 1st and Garon, maybe Malone instead of Garon, but not much more. Throwing the rights to two AHL'ers plus Malhotra and Alberts won't get us the rest (either Purcell/Malone, or Purcell/Garon).

Not particularly a good deal as you're trying to get a lot back from Tampa by throwing a bunch of extras at them from our side.

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Tb doesn't take our plethora of garbage Parent, Oreo, Alberts and to a lesser extent Malhorta love that guy he's a guy who makes our team better in practice. It's too bad about his injury I hope he can play through it like Koivu But I fear his NHL days are numbered. He got a NTC for a reason I don't think he will be traded I would love to see a way found for him to go to our farm team. Him and Baumer would make a killer duo for training future NHLers in my opinion. Imagine Malhotra centering Kass and Jensen next season on the wolves we would get back 2 fully vetted ready to dominate power forwards. Meanwhile J schro and Money Sweat have been given their shots in the biggs. Essentially 2 possible Raymond replacements with resumes including speed and vision but lacking size.

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offseason and draft for vancouver

to van: purcell, tb 1st

to tb: luongo, alberts

tb gets a great goalie(better than what you guys value him as. he was a vezina finalist last year and got atleast 1 shutout in each playoff series last year, as you all know), plus a depth d-man

van gets a bigger winger to play with kesler and booth aswell as a first

to van: 2012 2nd + 4th

to cbj: raymond, 2012 2nd

cbj gets a speedy winger and a 2nd but sacrifice some picks

to buf: ballard, cbj 2nd

to van: leopold

van switched d men for a guy who is a little more reliable in his own end

buff takes on a bigger contract but they get a 2nd round pick which is pretty much a first round pick to compensate.

to van: 4th

to car: malholtra

carolina gets one of the best faceoff men in the league but take on his salary for 2 more years


salo 1 year 1.5mill

pahlsson 2 years 2mill per

gragnani 2 years 800 000per

weise, ebbett, volpatti 2 years 655 000 per

wideman 2 years 4.2mill per

schneider 5 years 3.8mill per

lack 3 years 900 000per

call up C jordan schroeder


van has the 10th pick overall

draft D griffin reinhart. entry offer 4 years 1.8mill. send him to minors for a year or 2

lineup for next season

sedin sedin burrows

booth kesler purcell

hansen schroeder kassian

higgins pahlsson lapierre

/weise, ebbett, volpatti

bieksa hamhuis

wideman edler

salo leopold

/tanev, gragnani



a more reliable d-group. there are no weak pairings and there is depth with both tanev and gragnani being able to slot into any spot

a bigger forward group with all 4 lines being reliable. 4th line is more of a 3rd line checking line, 3rd line is young speedy with a big banger in kassian. purcell can set up booth and kesler so they get more goals

roughly 1mill remaining in cap space

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