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[Proposal] Van-Tampa

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To Tampa




To Van


St Louis

I feel Edler is a little bit overrated on these boards and I feel Hedman will be the better d-man in the future.

St Louis will greatly help the 2nd line

Tampa gets an elite goalie, d-man to replace Hedman and a defensivley responsible player in Raymond, who could also return to form.


Booth-Kesler-St Louis

Higgins-Lapierre-Kassian - forechecking on this line would be nuts

?-Malholtra-Hansen - line 3b

not sure which side Hedman plays on and Bieksa is not a top pairing d-man






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It seems pretty fair, Hedman will be better than Edler, although I do think Edler is better than you think, Raymond Balances Edler for Hedman out and we trade 2 good older players.

I don't think it's that bad, I think it's a pretty good fair deal all round but I don't know if a 36 year old Martin St.Louis fits Gillis's vision of making the team bigger and younger.

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It's amazing how many people want to trade Edler this off-season because of the one bad series he's had.

He's still very young. It's crazy how people throw players under the boat. It's kind of like when Mitchell couldn't flick the puck out of the zone against Chicago and everyone wanted him out.

I have followed Hedman for a long time and he's going to need quite a bit of time before he grows into that amazing defenseman. We're better off with Edler at the moment.

Yzerman is unlikely to trade St.Louis.

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