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[Article] Wayne Gretzky, Bobby Orr...henrik Sedin

bure's triple deke

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Henrik and Thornton are both kind of junk in the playoffs.

Assists don't really matter to me because of second assists. IF you took those out, then to

me, they'd be more important. Honestly, there's been times where I've seen Raymond and Kesler play SO BAD during the year and they get points directly from second assists, and people seem to give them some slack for it.

Another guilty part is our D. Most of the time Edler and Bieksa mooch points like mad from

assists on the PP.

Edler can't create plays worth crap on his own,

nor can Bieksa. Ehrhoff was at least a decent passer, but Edler and Bieksa have made a living off of passing to Henrik on the boards and letting

him do they heavy lifting.

Kesler's stats would honestly take a nose dive,

as would Raymond's I think.

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The Sedins have had a pretty big effect on the game. They really popularized a few techniques since they started, because of how good they are at it. The slap pass, the drop pass entry to the zone, the cycle. How many teams/players were doing those consistently before the Sedins showed up and showed how effective they can be if done right?

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