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On the list of random things to find on Google Earth..... that actually barely even makes the list, but it's still weird! :P

Would be actually hilarious if it turned out to not be them at all, just a group of guys wearing suits who bear an uncanny resemblance.

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You have to scroll the camera left and right but I've got (from left to right): Kesler, Rome (with plastic water bottle), Ehrhoff (with orange bottle), Higgins, Ballard, Raymond, Malhotra, Hansen or Edler, Henrik and Daniel in the blue shirt (or the other way around).

I'm guessing this was taken during the San Jose Western Conference Finals seeing as Kesler, Rome, Higgins and Ballard are all sporting big beards.

EDIT: If you click the left arrow (Santana Row) you get Ehrhoff and Rome standing together, Malhotra and Ballard talking on the bench and what looks to be AV waiting to get on the bus.

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