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  1. Patience? Our coach didn’t even give him a crack because he’s not a 30 year old AHL vet that can PK and play on the PP!
  2. Travis Green’s system: - Sit in a box on the PK (don’t pressure the puck carrier!) and let the other team shoot at will - Pass it around on the PP until Pettersson can get the perfect pass to unload a one timer wide - Defense in front of the net should just try to block shots rather than take the open man. Don’t dare touch them!!
  3. Our team is coached by AHL caliber coaches. No surprise we’ve lost to Detroit and Buffalo back to back No other coach in the league is putting Brad Hunt out on the PP when it’s obviously not working.
  4. A team coached by AHL caliber coaches losing to Buffalo and Detroit.. surprise!
  5. Shows how Travis Green doesn’t recognize talent. Could’ve used those guys on the PP instead of a plug like Chiasson!
  6. Dubas buying some time before finding a player to send to Robidas island
  7. I'd rather listen to him than Craig Simpson. Probably talks a tad too much but it may be his excitement to finally call a Canucks game live on TV.
  8. The issue is I’m pretty sure both of Greiss’ skates were in the blue paint too. Just unfortunate that Hogs brushed him on the way through.
  9. Also are the coaches blind? This top unit has been together for a couple of seasons and they do not work well together. Constant issues gaining the zone and static movement. Seems like the coaches and players are trying to kill off the Powerplay instead of scoring.
  10. Chiasson out there while our hottest player Garland sits on the bench when we need a goal. Chiasson did nothing the whole night. Travis Green..
  11. This Detroit team almost beat the defending cup champs. Pretty sure Arizona is the worst team.
  12. The PP isn’t a coach problem - it’s a personnel problem. These guys are so used to standing around they have zero creativity and no movement whatsoever. Horvat and Miller are not PP players. Plays just die on their sticks.
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