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(Proposal) The Other Milan

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When looking at our need for a big-power forward to play with Kes, one of the names that you might think of is Milan Lucic. Growing up in B.C, and playing for the Giants he might seem like the perfect fit. But the fact is, he wont be moved.....at least not for awhile

One guy that I havent seen mentioned a lot here on CDC is someone who shares the same first name.

Milan Michalek

For those of you who dont know, Michalek is

-26yrs old


He is relatively fast and put up 60points (35g,25a) last season with Ottawa.

Heres my proposal:

To OTT-Booth, VAN 1st rd pick (26th overall)

To VAN-Milan Michalek

This of course could be tweaked depending on your personal opinion of Booth and Michaleks Value

Assuming Luongo is traded to TB for Purcell, and possibly some draft picks. Our top 6 could look like this. These two trades address second line scoring while not affecting too much of the dressing room (besides Luongo)

Our top 6 would then be:

Sedin-Sedin-Burrows (Sniper,Playmaker, BURRRRRROWS)

Michalek-Kesler-Purcell (BIG, power forward, Sniper, Playmaker)

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That's what the rangers thought back in the day, that they can become a championship team through trades and free agency. Now they've learned that you must build from within. And you cannot be more wrong about the 25th pick being worthless.

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Yea, I guess you kinda missed the part where I said its in the eye of the beholder and that it can be tweaked depending on your views of both Booth and Michalek. I for one, think that Michalek is a lot better than Booth. Hes bigger,stronger and can find the back of the net. So I added in the 1st rd pick. But If you think the 1st is unfair, than by all means, that cool too.

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Ya cause you know late 1st rounders always turn out great.

Patrick White turned out pretty well for us eh? Look at the percentage of players who made it to the NHL between the 20th and 30th round and you'll notice there really bad odds.

I don't wanna win "tomorrow", I wanna win now.

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Well hate to burst your bubble, but what if we don't win now? What if we become the sharks 2.0? We would have traded away 1st rounders for middle aged players and we not only wouldn't have a cup, but we would also be sh*tty in the future too.

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