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Wojtek Wolski

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so Wolski has been struggling for the past few season. I am wondering if in the luongo deal Mike Gillis might have to take Wolski in the trade. Maybe Wolski will be an elite player with a change of scenery who knows.. so maybe the trade goes down like this...

To van: Matthias, Wolski, 1st round pick(2013)

To Florida: Luongo rights to mason raymond

Sedin Sedin Burrows

Booth Kesler Wolski

Higgins Matthias Hansen

Jensen Lappy Kassian

thoughts on wolski? can't be any worse then raymond... or can he?

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I highly doubt Wolski will be qualified by the Panthers, so it would be easier to just target him in free agency.

He could be an excellent low-risk, high-reward option if we could get him for a decent price. Oozes offensive skill, just needs a coach that will keep his intensity up.

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