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Was it a mistake putting corey in ?


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I was just thinking about the whole goalie issue and it seems that before the playoffs started that it was the common belief that corey schnieder was the main trade bait going into the offseason.

Now we are likely faced with Lou being the one to be traded.

Now we can argue all day about what goalie should be traded, but it seems to me that corey would have been the goalie that was alot easier to trade and would have brought a greater return to the current lineup.

The move by AV to put Schnieds in was not a bad move if you only look at the moment. But the long term results havnt woked out to our advantage. Lack of foresite if you ask me to pull lou when his play wasnt the problem.

As it turns out we are likley stuck with a very difficult trade to pull off and the possibility of a smaller return than if we were trading corey. It seems to me a trade involving corey would have likely haqppened already and those assets would be ours.

This is not a lou vs corey thread its more about that move by AV to take lou out and its long term implications that it caused.

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There is absolutely no way that this could of been foreseen. You do what is best for the team to win the cup and at that time it was Schneider and we all would have ripped him apart if he kept in Luongo the whole series.

Reserve your negativity until the pre- season. I will only say Gillis has mismanged if we end up losing one of our goalies for no return. But until then I assume he is doing everything correctly

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I dont think we can blame either goalie for our early playoff exit, Corey was in because the team had been playing better infront of him and for big games, in the end we just could not produce as much as we needed offensivly.. your asking the wrong question it didnt really matter who was in net.

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