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Deal to bring Morrow to Van

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Just looking at the Dallas Stars roster and some of the recent news on the NHL website. Looks like Dallas has been shopping Brenden Morrow around the league.

My proposal would be shipping Keith Ballard to Dallas for Morrow.

Dallas needs D pretty bad, and the Canucks could use a guy like Morrow.

Would be an excellent back-up plan if we aren't able to sign Shane Doan.

Ballard Cap Hit = $4,100,000

Morrow Cap Hit = $4,200,000

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maybe, though Morrow's not a natural finisher, he's a hardworking guy which the team already has plenty. I'd take a stopgap in Doan for free.

with the short list of available D-men (RFA Weber, J-Bow, Colaiacovo... Ballard has to be near the top end of the list) and teams like Detroit and St. Louis (Tampa soon? if Salo goes down and Carle's lack of physicality poses match-up issues, Stevie Y could be in the market for a Top 4 D, and Keith HAS to be above guys like Marc Bergeron, Matt Taormina and Brian Lee)

Carle - Brewer

Hedman - Salo (presuming he's injured)


Taormina, Bergeron, Lee

wanting to patch up their D core (Detroit could use a Top 4 guy too, and I'm presuming J-Bow goes with Alex Piet. in ST.L.) I hope MG milks this situation and gives Keith his chance for more minutes while shoring up with more size.

Heck, I'm waiting for Pitkanen to break down again. Hope Harrison for Ballard.

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I think we have enough forwards . I am concerned about the cap hit. Trading straight up for Ballard seems fine, but we can also trade ballard for a 3rd rounder to the islanders and get no salary back.

i would prefer to pass on Morrow.

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Morrow was a part of team Canada at the 2010 Olympics.... he is getting older but is still a top 6 power forward in this league. I would take this deal in a heartbeat but we are gonna need to give more than Ballard (an overpayed depth defenceman) in order to fetch Morrow. Since there are reports of him on the block, Dallas will be fielding offers from other teams giving up a lot more than that.

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Morrow has been an excellent bottom 6 forward for Team Canada on several occasions. The Canucks need to add some team toughness without losing the identity the team has established of being a skilled team. Guys like Doan and Morrow could fit perfect into the Canucks system and be impact players in playoffs, which we desperately need. People underestimate the value of Ballard, I feel this trade is fair and if not I would prefer adding a draft pick to sweeten the deal.

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