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Earl Marriott Secondary Lockdown


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Today at Earl Marriott School some kid was arrested because another kid saw him waving a gun around in school. The school had an emergency lock down as the RCMP zeroed in on the kid and arrested him. Turns out it was just an airsoft gun....


Here's what it says on the EMS website

Dear Parent / Guardian,

I want to inform you of an incident that occurred at our school today just before dismissal that involved police. It was resolved quickly and safely and demonstrated how well school emergency protocols work.

Some students at the smoke pit behind our school reported to the office someone was seen showing-off what appeared to be a handgun. The students reported this promptly to our office and police were notified. Our school entered a “Code Red”, which is essentially a full lock-down so nobody could leave or enter the building.

Police quickly apprehended a suspect in the neighbourhood and our information is he had a pellet gun in his possession.

There was never a direct threat to the safety of our staff or students.

I am proud of the quick and proper response by the students, our staff and the RCMP.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me at the school.


Peter Johnston


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Same thing happened in Chilliwack a few years ago. Although I'm pretty sure the guy actually shot some a couple people with it. I don't really know the details that well. Was out of the country at the time and it had pretty much blown over when I got back.

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