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Walter White Division(part 2)


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My first post in these voting threads ever

I have to get this across, Hawaii Five 0 is one of my current favorite shows. Pulling for it to win though I bet Breaking Bad, Community or Big Bang Theory will win, shows that I don't mind at all just that I like Hawaii Five 0 more.

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Eastbound and down vs Bones

-Loved season 1 of Eastbound and down, season 2 was ok, haven't watched season 3. However I have never seen one episode of Bones so Eastbound gets my vote.

Hawaii Five-O vs CSI:Miami

-How can anyone vote against Horatio??

Dexter vs Law and Order

-Dexter is one of the greatest shows on TV. Had a couple bad seasons, but this season is picking up after having a couple off years. Nothing will beat season 4 of Dexter though.

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