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bermuda triangle


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I`ve made a discovery that we have a Bermuda Triangle in British Columbia. to be more specific its actually in the Canuck organization. the three points in the triangle are, Mike Gillis, Alain Vigneault, and Roberto Luongo. While those three remain here we are sunk. the proof is many quality rookies in this organization have mysteriously disappeared. To name a few; first there was Michael Grabner getting sucked into the vortex and the then we had Justin Schultz in our sights who vanished before are eyes. Last but not least was the hometown hero Cody Hodgson, who disappeared without a trace. If this trio remains in Vancouver who knows who`s number will be picked next.

Mike Gillis Roberto Luongo Alain Vigneault

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Bashing the coach, GM, and winningest goalie of the team is not the best way to start off your CDC career


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