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[proposal] canucks-hurricanes


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Im sure i will get people who dont like this trade. But the way I see it, Carolina is thin on left wing, and we need a right handed d man. Also Raymond is due for a raise and with the cap going down we have issues aswell as we have kassian and perhaps jensen both looking for top 9 roles next year.

So heres my trade

To Carolina:

Mason Raymond- FA come july probably deserves a raise, im sure a team out their would offer him atleast 3mill. 6' 185lb fast player, 9pts in 18gp, so not great but not horrible.

I feel we could trade him due to the fact we have quite a few players who can play top 9. Sedin,Sedin, Burrows, Kesler, Booth, Higgins, Kassian, Hansen, Schroeder/ possible trade deadline grittier 3rd line center, Lapierre.

To Vancouver

Jamie Mcbain- 6'2 200lb right handed d man. Currently playing around 20min a night. They have murphy and Sanguinetti that they like so i think they would move Mcbain for added scoring upfront. He is a plus 8 on the team so far this season.

Mcbain is signed for 1 more season at a reasonable 1.8m cap hit.

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McBain has the coolest name in the NHL, that alone sells jerseys LOL... I think the Hurricanes could be a great trading partner for the Canucks, I am not too sure what their specific needs are but I think Jay Harrison (I know he is a fan favourite so its unlikely) could be a great depth Dman acquisition at the deadline and perhaps Jussi Jokinen (again unlikely) but perhaps, since he is having an off year, a change in scenary may give him a spark.






Just an idea and really its just a trade for a sake of a trade but may be good for all players involved to have a change scenary. Though looking at Harrison's numbers it looks like he is having a great season so far so I doubt Car trades him especially considering the contract he is on.

Also someone to think about would be a guy like Pat Dwyer, I think he would be great on a third line shutdown line.

Too bad Carolina wasn't in the market for a goalie LOL

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how can raymond be our 3rd best forward? my list










Whats raymond done the last handful of games, he came out of the gate getting points, but being .5ppg is all of a sudden our 3rd best forward, if so we are in trouble

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i could never take raymond over what hansen higgins and kassian bring to this team. 2 are very good defensively both hit and can create chances aswell. kassian is a big forward with skill that should be getting used more than 4th line min. As we can see he can produce with the twins, id like to see burrows drop down with kesler to see if they can try to get a 2nd line going and maybe bring booth up

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