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Vancouver Trades(Proposal)

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I would love to get Stewart. I wanted him last year when he was struggling and would have come cheap. Right now the Blues would need a shipload to trade him, but he is a pending RFA (I think) and they still have to sign their two stud d-men. So for the right price he could be here, but that package isn't enough. The first trade isn't that great for Florida either.

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What we really need is a natural sniper to play with the sedins. I think our problem is we have too many role players. I agree that Burrows has had success with the Sedins but you need to remember that they also made Anson Carter look good.

If we're going to trade Lou then we need a proven back up to help Schneids. Yes, he's our goalie of the future, but before this year his NHL career had consisted of only 68 games.

I don't think booth has a place on this team.. to me he's a fantastic 3rd line checkign forward that can score some goals. Unfortunately for his salary he needs to be putting up 2nd line points and he's just not up to it.

I think a trade for Ovechkin while his value is low would be what we need. I know he doesn't exactly fit into the same type of system the Sedins play but we need a player that can be a game changer. With OV on the top line he can provide that physical presence, as well as phenominal offensive talent. He has hockey instinct and knows where to go to get the puck. And chances are, if he's on the ice the Sedins will be able to find him.

Here's my proposal:


Lou, Booth, Jensen, 3rd rd. Pick


Ovechkin, 2nd rd. Pick

Then we sign Brent Johnson to back up Schneids.

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i would say hell no to both.

Matthais-3rd/4th liner

Kopecky-3rd liner

Bjustad-unproven prospect that probably wont help us now.

Lu-Elite goalie

Schroeder-played well with Raymond on the 3rd line. played awful on the 4th. hes decent

Sestito-4th liner

ebbett-3rd liner

1st- could be a prospect similar to Bjustad.

we overpay big time. you people seem to think Bjustad is one of the best players around. he hasnt played an NHL game and i dont know about you but i have never seen or heard anything about him before the Luongo trade. if he was really that good i guarantee you he would have been getting more recognition

and i dont think STL would do that trade. Stewart is their leading scorer. Ballard and Booth are both either injured or out of the line up. plus they have big cap hits for them to do little to nothing

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