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i think tonight is going to be a crucial juncture in which way this team is going.


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The team is struggling the worst it has ever been, since the 9 game losing skid to start out 2010. I feel if the team puts in the same effort as last night, AV will be gone! The effort this team has been putting on the ice lately has been terrible. Bring in the new coach, whomever it may be and see if they can invigorate this team!!! Particularly Alex Edler. And if he can't, then he may get traded at the deadline, should this team need any more of a shakeup. Edler does seem to have more of a game than what he is throwing out there, but if he can't show it, what good is he? Anyways, discuss. Oh, and this is a team shakeup thread. Not a fire AV or trade Edler thread.

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