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2nd round 2014

Phi gets into the playoffs with an improved goaltender and D man. PHI buys out Bryz in the summer and they really only have to pay 1 month of salary for him anyways. Luongo Bryz for playoffs would look good I bet anyways haha.

Yes these two PHI players are young but not the core this year and I think they could afford to trade without much loss on the offense.

I think cap wise PHI could just do it with the deadline AAV of $7,234,554 plus salaries going out.

VAN gets centre and youth without giving up to much.


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Flyers fans are so against trading couturier, you have no idea. Bryz has been okay this season. I'd jump if it went through, tho.

Daniel - Henrik - Burrows (1)

Raymond - Kesler - Hansen (2a)

Booth - Couturier - Read (2b)

Higgins - Lapierre - Weise weak 3rd line?

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