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So you're up 2-0 in the series in the scf


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This has been done a few times...but I will bite seeing as how it is better than talking more about the Canucks current predicament.

Basically the officials put away the whistles and the Bruins took full advantage of this (as they should) and the Canucks didn't (failure to adapt). After numerous physical series this took a toll on the already damaged 'Nucks and when Boston gained momentum after the Rome hit...they never looked back. Add in some goalie debate and voila, our Stanley Cup nightmare.

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not anymore.

the canucks psyche got crushed in that series. never recovered.

this core won't win, it's over. wait for a rebuild. They don't believe in themselves. They don't care anymore, they don't believe they can win - sot hey won't.

hope we gut the team and suck for 2 years, get lucky in the draft, then be back for the 3rd year. need only guys who will be under 30 in 3 years from now...

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