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Linden for assistant coach


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Linden, Linden, Linden, enough already with Captain Canuck, he's done with the Canucks! I know many of you might be thinking that, and yes I guess I'm guilty of being obsessed with bringing back #16 to the club in some capacity, whether as GM, assistant GM, or maybe some other honorary role.

But let's cut to the chase - he makes sense as Tortorella's assistant, particularly as Scott Arniel has been scooped up by Vigneaults Rangers. Despite Tort's pledge to change his style, he needs a "good cop" to complement his "bad cop" as suggested by the Vancouver Sun, someone who can soften the message and hold him and the players accountable to each other. The diplomatic Linden fits the bill.

Yes, Linden hasn't any coaching experience - usually even assistants have prior experience at lower levels. That may be a concern, or then again, maybe not. He's not here to know all the X's and O's in the game, that's all Tort's job. Linden's job would be to help communicate Tort's message and ensure everyone receives it, and to quell any possible frustration Torts (or anyone else) may agitate. He can keep everyone on the same bill and hold others accountable without getting others frustrated.

So far, Torts has yet to get an assistant, at least as far as my searches on the news. Mike Sullivan has been interviewed, but he's been another "bad cop," the wrong kind of assistant Vancouver may need in case Torts reverts.

And finally, yes I know some of you may argue ad say that MG can hold the man accountable to be player friendly, just like he changed AV's defensive system. All I can say is that you can only do so much to change someone's character. Torts may play Mr. Rogers on MG's stage, but he'll never be Mr. Rogers come showtime - for that you need to get a real one.

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I'm getting real sick of this.

Just because he was a great Canuck doesn't mean he'll be a great coach. As far as I know he doesn't even have any experience. I'd much rather they bring in someone that we know can do the job. Not Linden for a "feel good" story

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Never mind, I just caught news of Torts already hiring Sullivan and Gulutzan. Somehow, I couldn't catch that news seaching up "Tortorella's assistant." Won't hesistate to say that I'm uncomfortable with that move - last thing Canucks need is another volcano like Sullivan to upset everyone and wreck the team.

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