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**Please Don't let Horvat be the next Brule**


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Do not rush him into the NHL! It is very very very RARE for an 18 yr old to make a difference in the NHL, heck even guys like Tavares and Stamkos struggled in the NHL when they were 18.

Look what happened to Brule, elite potential, elite prospect, was rushed to the NHL, confidence was shot and he was never the same,

If Horvat was to make our team what kinda of role would he have anyways? 3rd line C or 4th line C?? what are we talking about 13 minutes a game?? He isn't going to kill penalties over guys like Kesler, Hansen, Burrows. and Torts has said he wants the Twins to kill penalties as well....Will he get a sniff of the 2nd unit PP?? perhaps.

I would much rather Horvat go back to London, and play top line minutes. Remember last year he was put in a defensive role and it wasnt until the 2nd half of the season where he got lined up with Domi and put in an offensive role. Thats when his numbers blew up and he dominated the OHL playoffs. Imagine a whole year of being in the situation, who knows what kind of offensive ceiling this guy can reach.

London will be hosting the Mem Cup so thats another great experience for him! 3 years of MEM CUP! wow!.....then there's the World Jr's in December where he has a great chance to make TEAM CANADA.

What about the business side of things, if we play him as an 18 yr old its 1 year off his ELC!..That means he can be a UFA 1 year sooner when he is in his prime, and thats when we are really going to need him because in 5 years when our core retires, Horvat will be our guy!! Look at RNH w. Edmonton, he is in his last year of his ELC and will be an RFA next year. He will be making 4 mil a year at least at 21 yrs old and he nor the Oilers have yet to accomplish anything. He had a great rookie year but eventually NHL dmen figured out his game and RNH didnt have the body to be in the NHL. I know Horvat is 210lbs and 6'0 but he still has room to physically develop and mature. dont rush him

Please MG send him back to the minors to develop and get 22 minutes a game in a lead role.

I'd rather have someone like Schroeder or Lain or to a lesser degree Gaunce because Bellville wont make the Mem Cup and Gaunce has a low chance of making Team Canada.

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Every player has a different development curve. They interviewed Bo on Team 1040, and the kid said all the right things. He said he thrives under pressure. There's a difference between a player like Brule who's 5'11, 186 lbs. and a guy like Horvat who's an inch taller and 20 lbs. heavier.

He might make it, he might not. I bet the kid impresses and plays 5-8 regular season games, then depending on how he does in those games will dictate if he goes back to junior or not. He might have to go to junior simply because sending Gaunce to junior isn't going to do anything for his development. But if both are lights out in training camp, its one of those happy problems the GM and coach need to think about.

Oh and to the guy who said he's got a 3rd line centre ceiling. Didn't they say that about Kesler?

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Guest Dasein

Gilbert Brule at 2005 draft: 5'11" 186lbs

Bo Horvat at 2013 draft: 6'0" 206lbs

Different players.

That being said, if Bo is ready, he will play. If not, he won't. Simple as that.

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It wasn't about being rushed with Brule.

There was a mental side to it. Start going to Giants games and converse with some scouts. Some of them are pretty friendly (Delorme isn't).

I don't know if I can post this without a source? But I've heard rumblings about his personal life. I don't know anything specific.

Brule was/is a fantastic player. He didn't get screwed up to the point where he can't even play in Switzerland because of being rushed.

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