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Ghostbusters 3 could happen without Bill Murray


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Look at all the names who were originally slated to be in Ghosterbusters.

Louis Tully was originally conceived as a conservative man in a business suit played by comedian John Candy; but with Candy unable to commit to the role, he was replaced by Rick Moranis who portrayed Louis as a geek.[5] Gozer was originally going to appear in the form of Ivo Shandor as a slender, unremarkable man in a suit played by Paul Reubens;[7] but the role was played by Yugoslav model Slavitza Jovan. The demonic voice of Gozer was provided by Paddi Edwards, supposedly after Bill Murray joked that the line "choose and perish" sounded like "Jews and berries" when spoken with Jovan's Slavic accent. Eddie Murphy was supposed to be Winston Zeddemore because Dan Aykroyd wanted him to, but he went to make Beverly Hills Cop. The Peter Venkmen role was originally meant for John Belushi but due to his passing, the role had to be given to Bill Murray, per Larry King in a recent interview on the Howard Stern Show. King also went on to say that Murray wanted to do the script as written as a tribute to John.
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