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[Proposal] Kadri, multiple options


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44 points in 48 games is not proven? Umm yeah ok. Do you not understand the concept of trading Liles? It is to free up space so they can sign Kadri and Franson. The season isn't too far away and you can tell that Nonis is panicking just to get this deal done because Bolland is not a 2 line C.

Franson is not a great offensive defensemen, you should watch alot more hockey if you think he is a great OFD.

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I'm not really liking what I see.

Option 1: Anthony for Liles alone would likely not go through. Liles is an NHL defenceman, Anthony's a risk and most certainly not among our top prospects.

Option 2 and 3: Offer sheets almost never work and they should be cautiously looked at before any action takes place. The Leafs could still hide a couple of people in the minors if it made their team better and circumnavigate the cap. Franson, in order to be offer 1mil, has to agree to it himself. If he's trying to get more money from Toronto what are the chances he'll accept 1mil? Pretty much null.

The only thing that might work is the offer sheet to Kadri, but most likely that won't work either.

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