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2013 - 2014 GDT Registrations - APRIL


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Some Basic Guidelines:

  • Limit 1 game per user per MONTH (If sign ups aren't being filled, you can do more)
  • You may post the GDT anytime after the previous game has ended (the earlier the better), but please post the GDT at least 12 hours prior to the game.
  • If a GDT thread isn't up within the specified time limit, we will tap into "Healthy Scratch" waiting list. Should that list be empty, the first user to make a GDT will have the official thread.
  • Use the tag [GDT] in your thread title
  • If for any reason you can't create the thread for your game, please post in this thread or PM a mod so that a replacement can be found.
  • Missing a single game you signed up for without prior notice will result in your being excluded from further sign ups.


:canucks: HERE-WE-GO! :canucks:


2013-2014 Season - APRIL:


Starting Poster:
Healthy Scratch:

Starting Poster: The Stork
Healthy Scratch:

Starting Poster: Alex the Great
Healthy Scratch:

Missed Opportunities:

Machine Gun Kelly
Ryan Murray
people please

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We can do it like last year - sign up for that month's GDTs only. And a GDT can be created as soon as the previous scheduled game has been completed up to 12 hours before the next game.

Can we have some guidelines as to how far ahead of a game a GDT can be posted (mostly just to stop the ongoing "its a GDT thread and the game isn't until tomorrow" arguments)?

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