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my draft ideas. (proposal)

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3 way trade.

To van:

Buffs first round pick (1st or 2nd overall)

To buff:

Silvferberg, Shea Theodore, ana 1st round pick

To ana:

Ryan Kesler

Buff gets two great prospects. Ana gets their much needed center and van gets their future 1st line center

With this pick we take Reinhart future first line center when hank is gone.

Next trade to move up.

To van:

Nyi 1st


Van 1st, Hansen

NYI needs to improve their team since they lose their pick next year. Hansen is a type of player they are missing and this move souldn't push their pick too far back.

With this pick we take leon draisaitl.

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I like the first trade. Buffalo gets their two prospects their asking for, Anaheim gets Kesler, and we get first overall. Only thing is how good is Sam Reinhart really going to be? probably just a good first line center not really a franchise player.

I like the second trade as well. we move up into the top 5 and the islanders get a top 10 pick (maybe) plus Hansen who can play on their second or third line.

Good proposal.

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Sabres wanted 2 top line prospects I believe. I am not entirely sure if that meets what they truly want.

Ducks are also giving up a notable amount more than they originally were willing to give for Kesler (based on rumors anyway)

Kesler out and a possible 1st overall back is also lopsided.

IMO the Ducks would want to give up less and the Canucks would have to pitch in more. I don't think you can turn Kesler into the 1st overall pick without giving up something else of significant value.

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As most people in CDC would say "Play Bad for Ekblad"

Nonetheless we should trade Kesler for the 1st overall who could Buffalo's pick

I know we had something going on with Pittsburgh during the trade deadline

But if Gillis trades him it oughta be to a Cup contending team

I see him ending up in St.Louis, Chicago maybe(Rivals), Pittsburgh

Go Canucks

Gillis do what you have to do to make this team a contender for the cup next year and for the future

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